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12 Most Disturbing Drawings By Kids

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 4:54 pm

1.Plant life

The scary thing here is that this child just has no regard for the plant life around them since they have drawn a scene where they are standing on a flower. You do wonder just what the point is in all of this and how did they even start to come up with the idea of turning this into a drawing?


The disturbing thing here is of course that this child is shouting for his dad while they are having sex and not wrestling, so how close was he when all of this was going on? He certainly seemed to be inspired enough to then go and start drawing what was happening, but at least it showed a closed door.

3.Bad language

The disturbing thing about this image is what is being said on there because there is no way that a child should really know about that word or how it should be used. Instead, it should have said something a lot nicer than it was because at least then it would have been a pleasant drawing instead of something you now cringe at.


OK it has been drawn by a child, but they do appear to have made a decent attempt at drawing a penis along with testicles. There is an argument that you can see how they get a pair of scissors in there, but any adult will only be looking at one thing.


It does appear to be the case that this child is not a big fan of the Kardashians because how else could you explain this particular drawing? They obviously like wrestling to the extent that they want to squeeze the Kardashians to death, but then they are probably not the only ones to want to do that.


If most people caught a leprechaun we would be amazed although it does appear that this kid thinks differently about it all. If he caught one he would quite simply kill it, but at least he is being honest in what he would do should he ever find himself in that particular situation.


Ok so the drawing itself did not look that bad, but that was only until those pink spots were applied because suddenly we have a murder scene on our hands. How can a child turn something quite plain and innocent into something that looks like this? What are the pink spots meant to represent?


8.Harsh love

As a child you have some strange ways of how to view love and there is no doubt that this child is a little bit mixed up with this drawing. Basically they will love the person more when they are dead, so they have then gone ahead and started to draw it, but what makes them even think of this image?

9.Teachers pet

The one thing that you can be sure of is that this child is not going to be the favorite of the teacher after they see this drawing. The part that is the scariest is of course the devil, but what about the chains? How did they come about? What is going on inside the head of this child?


10.Animal sex

Hopefully this drawing is due to them watching National Geographic or the Discovery channel or the parents of this child do have a few problems that they need to address. Imagine if they did this at school and the teacher saw it? How would it be explained with a straight face?

11.Happy family

This is disturbing as it shows what the child thinks of their family and considering they will be quite young this is perhaps a bit too much for them to deal with. It shows how they do pick up on what is going on and it is perhaps best to keep some things away from them.


This drawing is horrific not only because of what it shows, but the reasons behind it. This is actually a witness statement from a child that fled a part of Tibet and it really is something that no kid should ever be allowed to see never mind then be able to draw it.


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