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Awkward Couple Photos

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 8:45 am

1.Martian Couples

These two pretty satin clad young Ladies are with these two strangely coloured Martians from out of space? Or perhaps the lighting was bad in the middle of the photograph? Or maybe someone spilled coffee on the lens. We give up?

2.Grocery Art

Some couples will go to any length to make their wedding photographs look the best. This very artistic and creative idea included the grocery store. The sweet isle to be exact. Perhaps it didn't work out quite that well?

3.Slobbering Kisses

Let's take a photograph of us kissing to send to all our friends. That way they can see how happy we are. OK, maybe not because surely he is just trying to completely suck her face off here and there is no way that can be romantic or anything other than feeling as if you have been kissed by a bath plunger.

4.Cat Attack

I have an idea, you wear the lion top, I'll wear the legs and we will get Simba to sit in the middle of us! This is called fantastic composition. Well, perhaps not because this is just a scary picture that you know even the cat wants nothing to do with it and to run away as fast as possible.

5.A Picture Can Say A Million Words

Couples photographs can say a million words in one quick snap. Like she has my baby stand back or I will shoot. One could be left asking 'Why?' Who would want to look back at this picture when their baby is born and see the demented look in his eyes?


We all want that dreamy romantic shot where we show our love to our beloved. Some can pull it off, others just look like idiots. Perhaps they are just blowing too hard? No matter what it is you have to say that this picture did kind of fail.


This strange couple's photograph surely has to get them thinking? Does he always stand off in the background? Does she always take centre stage? This kind of photograph would be a psychologists dream tool in summing up the state of couples.


8.Seeing Double

That set of twins is engaged to this set of twins. Or is it the other way around? Yeah! That's it, the other set of twins are with this set of twins. Never mind!

9.Scary In-Laws

Jane and Bob were so happy on their wedding day, until Jane saw her mother and father and law staring through the window at them whilst flicking through the wedding photographs. You have to say that this is a bit on the creepy side.


10.Say What?

It's time for our annual couple photo shoot. You grab the gun and I'll grab the parrot!! At what point would you ever put these two things together on their own? Surely this has to be one of the strangest photos you will ever see in your life.

11.Wedding Photograph Disasters

Perhaps this wedding prop was not the right one for this newly wed couple? The donkey was meant to form part of the back drop. Should we all be worried?


12.Wedding Album Secrets

'Yes honey, you lay down on the grass like a rumpled carpet and I'll grab the bridesmaids!'. Some wedding photographs are more telling than we realize. Let's hope he doesn't wipe his feet on her in time to come.


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