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12 Best Blonde Jokes That Will Make You Cry Laughing

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 8:44 am

Blondes are the most beautiful women in the world, and most men on the planet desire to have one in their life. Lately, many pale-haired women are dying their hair dark in an attempt to break away from the identity. Why? You know, we know, and everybody knows the dumb blonde stereotype is the culprit. What women with golden tresses need to remember is that envy is the mother of the dumb blonde stereotype! A few hundred years ago, blondes would take all the successful and handsome men in the society, and the other sects started reproving them saying blondes use their bodies more than brains to grow up in life. Read these 12 dumb blonde jokes to see how dumb and funny the stereotype has become!
1.A short flight

Do they not wonder as to how they go so quickly? They must think that there are airplanes that simply teleport you there rather than fly. If we could fly at that speed then surely it would be a lot busier?

2.Easily confused

Yep at times some blondes are very easily confused as this joke illustrates. The funniest side is that there are some people out there that have thought this about that little arrow and should those people be allowed out themselves?

3.That is just so wrong

You have to admit that this just looks so wrong and that is because it is. If you saw somebody eating a banana like that you would quite rightfully turn around and ask them what the hell they were doing.

4.Colorful head

The crazy part is that you can just imagine all kinds of things being put onto her forehead depending on how much make up she tends to wear. Where would the lipstick go? What about foundation? So many things and so many problems.

5.Memory of a goldfish

Clearly this joke is making sure that you see that blonde women have the attention span of a goldfish and that anything you tell them simply leaks out like a burst pipe. Clearly a coffee break is far too dangerous and that in itself is scary.

6.Sounds painful

This just makes you think as to how painful it would actually be because lets face it you are now trying to mentally picture somebody doing that to a light bulb. It is fine to admit it because it just shows you are human.

7.It could get busy

Surely if there were a lot of blondes wanting to see a movie that the place would need to be huge to accommodate everyone? Good job the number was not any higher or they would be really stuck as to what to do next.


8.Blonde And Beer Bottle

What does a blonde and beer bottle have in common? 
- They are both empty from the neck up! 
The joke is a bit true especially when you think of blondes like Paris Hilton. However, to be perfectly honest, there are a lot of people with different hair colors who are empty from the neck up. What many people don't know is that jokes like these are generic, and the subject of the joke could be changed to black, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian or any other group in the world that deals with an ocean of stereotypes.

9.Totally confused

Ahh the perfect blonde logic and wondering about how the world actually works. You can just imagine somebody asking this question and being all serious about it and that is perhaps the funniest part here.


10.Taking hours

The funny part with this is that you can actually imagine somebody doing this and just standing there all night thinking about it. That in itself is a scary thought that there are people like that out there in the world.

11.Does it not just whistle?

The problem here is that surely with some blonde women the moment you blow in her ear it just shoots out the other side? That does of course only county for the seriously dumb ones of which there seems to be a few.

12.The mirror

Come on you have to admit that this joke is funny. It really does play on the stereotype of blond women, but then the sad part is that we probably all know somebody with that hair color that does fit in perfectly with this stereotype.


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