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Best Joker Memes

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 2:43 pm

1.Pool pee

Oh how accurate is this meme? You have no idea what you are swimming through in a pool as there is no way of knowing what is going on with everybody that is in there, but stand on the side and pee into it and you are going to be thrown out in an instant. The Joker is clearly frustrated at this and you can imagine him having already tried it on his own, but it is clear he has not had much success with his pee in the pool activities.

2.The driver

You just know that at different times the Joker would actually drive in the wrong lane in order to just get this reaction and would be killing himself laughing while doing so. This just sums him up, but in all honesty you are not advised to go and give it a shot yourself due to the danger involved in doing so.


Yes the Joker appears to have been fired from his job as the arch nemesis of Batman and is now working as Ronald McDonald in order to make ends meet. Oh how the mighty has clearly fallen and surely he must be thinking about missed opportunities when he was younger that could have led to a different career path?


Ahh the Joker wins again by tricking poor Batman into proving his own point. The joke in this meme is very clever as is the selection of images to stress the point being made and this is what makes the meme as funny as it actually is. You can tell that the Joker is happy with himself by his reaction and if he could he would probably high five himself in celebration.


This meme really does conjure up an image in your head that you perhaps did not want. He does make a fair point in the meme as people do lose their mind if that happens, but you have to admit that you are now thinking about the Joker baring his butt and getting to business on the carpet in front of a crowd. Now try to get that image out of your head with every other meme out there.

6.Attractive guy

The Joker truly does have his finger on the pulse with these memes as it is very true what he says here about how people react in this situation. You can sympathize with him and his frustration at this situation and he is clearly trying to put his point across as best he can. This is just further proof that the Joker is a modern day philosopher, so should we paint him as this big villain?


This meme really does hit home because there are too many people online with spare time on their hands that go around correcting typos wherever possible. You can understand the frustration felt by the Joker at all of this as here he is trying to be a criminal mastermind, but he is being held back by the spelling police at every opportunity.


8.Tables turned

Finally the tables have been turned on the Joker with him being told a joke rather than anything else. OK it is a poor one and he is clearly not impressed, but at least Batman has tried to be different and take him on at his own game. The problem is that Batman has to work on his delivery as it did not even raise a smile and you can only imagine the silence in the room.

Could the Joker be any crueler than doing this to a man and his porn collection on his hard disk? Will he ever stop attacking and destroying things in this way with him leaving people distraught at no longer having their porn? You can see the anger and frustration in the guy at the bottom, but he will also have no idea as to what to do now that it has all gone. What a poor, poor man.



Ahh there is nothing better than some physics to take away some of the mystery and intrigue behind an evil character. The idea of Batman and the Joker working together in this way is certainly different and it is easy to then picture them describing the importance of what Batman was doing with the swing and what it all means. The educational Joker is certainly a less scary proposition than was intended.

11.The face

The only problem with this meme is that you need to understand the story behind the ermahgerd part or you will not find it funny. However, for those people that have experienced those kinds of memes before, then there is no doubt that they will be loving it and will see how the image itself is perfect for the words. You will also probably find that you are saying the words in that strange voice making it even funnier for yourself.



This meme is different from so many others that use that same snapshot online. The idea of an ice pop having played a part in his appearance is certainly an interesting thought and it does take away some of the evilness that you associate with the character, but you will also be unable to look at him in the same light ever again thanks to imagining him eating ice pops.

13.Knock knock

This meme is hilarious mainly because of the reaction of Batman at the bottom. Once again you catch yourself talking through the joke in the voice of the Joker and his dead pan expression at the bottom really does just make the entire meme. Yes the joke in it is a bit cruel, but then the character is cruel and you kind of expect it from him anyway.


This meme is brilliant because it is so, so true and it does turn the Joker into some modern day guru if you can actually picture him saying those very words. The reason why it works so well is because of the image that goes with it as you can just imagine him getting frustrated at it all and showing his dismay at our reliance on our phones.

15.Joker face

This meme is brilliant thanks to the combination of Lady Gaga and the Joker and it cannot fail but to bring a smile to your face. The best part is you will instantly start to sing that tune to yourself and the next time you hear her singing the real song you will more than likely swap the lyrics over for these new ones.


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