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Best Taylor Swift Memes

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 9:10 am

1.Maybe she is the problem

This is the point where you do think that the person behind this meme has a point. If you keep breaking up, then maybe the problem is with you, but then that does not make for a very good song does it?

2.It lasted that long?

The surprise here is that the boyfriend actually managed to last as long as this because surely that is going to be a new record for Taylor? Oh well, one song closer to a new album then.

3.What a fantastic point

Well how can a cat make such a wonderful point as this? Surely it is a question that Taylor should be asking herself? Instead, serious cat has to point it out to her.

4.Deep, or trying to get away from her?

Well the thing you should be asking yourself here is whether the guy in the bottom is showing how deep she is or if he is trying to stop listening to her music. In all honesty it is probably more the latter.

5.Revenge is by song

It does seem to be the case that revenge is a dish best served in song with her and just check out the look in her eyes here. Surely that is a look that shows how she is conjuring up how horrible you were and how to put it in the lyrics?

6.A fair comparison

Well this is certainly a fair comparison and it shows how different two people of the same age can be. Could these two be any more different if they tried?

7.It's probably more than $1 million

The biggest surprise here is if she only makes $1 million from it when you consider the amount of records she ends up selling and how often it is played on the radio. She must be the only person who is overjoyed at breaking up.


8.She will never manage this

How can she ever hope to achieve this when she changes boyfriends quicker than most people change their underwear? No wonder Ron has noticed that things have indeed escalated quickly.

9.Relief for some

The cat at the bottom does perfectly sum up what the list of ex-boyfriends are all thinking when she sings that particular line. Hey even the face of the cat manages to sum things up perfectly.


10.Harsh, but fair

Taylor does seem to continually be going from one relationship to another, so the only conclusion that we can reach is that she is indeed a bouncing ball. She bounces around more than a pinball at times.

11.Can she do a full album?

The big question here is whether or not she could manage to create an entire album made up of songs that have been written after she ends another relationship. In all honesty it could be a double album.


12.Completely accurate

Well we all know that this is what Taylor Swift does, but hey she has made a fortune out of it, so of course she will just repeat the formula. However, surely we will start to realize that she is playing a game in this sense?


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