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12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021, 1:54 pm

Caveman SpongeBob or Primitive SpongeBob or Spongegar was one of the most popular memes of 2016. The meme is a depiction of SpongeBob SquarePants's ancient ancestor, Primitive SpongeBob. The prehistoric SpongeBob character first appeared on Season 1 Episode 14a, "SB-129," in 1999. People often confuse Primitive or Cavemen SpongeBob with another old character of the show, SpongeGar. Contrary to popular belief, Caveman SpongeBob and SpongeGar are not the same. Now, check these 12 truly hilarious SpongeBob Memes!
10.This Awkward Moment

"When you're lurking on someone's page and accidentally liked one of their pictures."
The wise thing to do in such cases is to unlike the picture immediately if you believe that the person is offline, so no notification will be shown when they log in to their Facebook account. If they enable email or text alerts, then they will be warned about the like even though you removed it spontaneously. However, if you think they are online, unliking the picture makes things worse. What should you do in such scenario? Compliment the picture you liked via messenger, and seek some details about it. Act like it's normal and nothing's creepy! 

This Awkward Moment-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

11.This Universal Problem

We all have faced this problem at one point in our lives! That is unquestionably the most infuriating moment one can ever experience. Instead of becoming vigilant and active, our mind loses its cool and gets panicked as we continue failing to locate our phones! After minutes of furious search, a lost phone is more likely to be somewhere hidden under sheets or stuck in a whole load of mess in our homes!

This Universal Problem-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

12.The Sibling Wars

Can you guess what happens next? If you have a sibling, you probably know that a couple of minutes after the fight to get in the shower, both of them refuse to go in! Now they fight over not going to the bathroom first, and the quarrel continues until a parent calms them down. Siblings are weird, aren't they?! They are the most lovely and most horrible people at the same time! And you know your childhood is over when you no longer hate your siblings. 

The Sibling Wars-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

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