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12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021, 1:54 pm

Caveman SpongeBob or Primitive SpongeBob or Spongegar was one of the most popular memes of 2016. The meme is a depiction of SpongeBob SquarePants's ancient ancestor, Primitive SpongeBob. The prehistoric SpongeBob character first appeared on Season 1 Episode 14a, "SB-129," in 1999. People often confuse Primitive or Cavemen SpongeBob with another old character of the show, SpongeGar. Contrary to popular belief, Caveman SpongeBob and SpongeGar are not the same. Now, check these 12 truly hilarious SpongeBob Memes!
7.When You Are At A Party

"When you are at a house party, and somebody yells 'COPS.'" 
That one scream can very well spoil party atmosphere as dopes, potheads, and underage alcoholics realize they are in big, big trouble, and disperse away like a herd of deer chased by a tiger! Some of them hide in the basement while other simply run away from the spot like mad dogs on the loose! 

When You Are At A Party-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

8.We All Have Gone Through This

"When you show somebody a pic on your phone, and they start scrolling!" 
It's a global pandemic! Very few people think checking photos on their friends' phones without their consent is unacceptable. Unfortunately, people don't return a phone after seeing the picture they are asked to look at. They then begin checking other photos in the gallery, while their friend often freezes in fear! Hey, some people do have sensitive photos on their phones that others are not supposed to see. When a friend asks you to see some photo, see it and return their phone!

We All Have Gone Through This-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

9.Hurry Up!

"When the light just turned green, and the person behind you beep the horn." 
You have to admit that people who are closer to the green light often tend to be lazy and relaxed, whereas drivers behind them see the whole thing like a Formula 1 race! They have their reasons; they prefer leaving the place before the green light turns red again. You know, a significant percentage of people on the road are running neck and neck with their office clock! 

Hurry Up!-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

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