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12 Creative Toothpick Art Models Ever Made

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 10:58 am

Only when we witness brilliant artworks like these, we realize how amazing our human race is! Art has no boundaries. People keep inventing new ways to display their flair for art. Toothpick modeling is one such unique form of art where artists create unbelievable and incredibly big structures using nothing more significant than plain toothpicks. It is a modern art, and it's something that's very hard to learn or master. One needs to have a lot of patience to create beautiful structures with toothpicks. Take a look at the 12 intricate and creative toothpick art models that are sure to blow your mind!  

#7 Lotus Temple

The Lotus temple is in Delhi and once again you are able to instantly recognize it if you have seen the real thing before. The way that the artist has managed to capture the curves and arches that do exist there is amazing and shows real skill with something as simple as a toothpick, but as with all of the others you wonder how many toothpicks are used and how long it took.

Lotus Temple-12 Creative Toothpick Art Models Ever Made



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