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Creepy Imaginary Friends

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:48 pm

1.Avoid the closet

The one thing that you need to do here is to avoid the closet that she is talking about, but then how come the kid is fine about it and it is the adults that will be going crazy? Children really can be very strange at times.

2.Short and sweet

Well this kid managed to cut the discussion short with this reply saying that Jack is dead. There really is nothing that the teacher can then say to that apart from trying to change the subject and talking about something else instead with her.

3.Very, very creepy

If this does not creep you out, then the chances are that you are not quite human. Imagine having this conversation with your child and them being so accurate with the details? How would you feel about even talking to them about anything ever again?

4.Calm about death

Kids are strange as they can freak out about some things and then be quite calm about more serious matters. This is a prime example here as they were quite relaxed about saying they had died in a car crash when if it happened for real adults would be going crazy.

5.A bad choice of names

You can understand why the parent was slightly concerned when their daughter said that the evil was coming because you would start to think about all kinds of nasty things. However, at least this one had a happy ending since she was a nice friend.

6.Well he is your only dad

This is one of those times in life where you stop and wonder what goes on inside the mind of a child. What kind of conversation were they having with their imaginary friend that led to them eventually coming out with that line?

7.Going back to ancestors

This is another one that is creepy due to the fact that they seem to be describing an old relative. How freaked out would you be if your child started describing a relative that they never met? How can it even be explained?


8.The sign of the cross

Now this is the kind of thing that makes you stop and think about how the world works because how would the kid know about this in advance? It would certainly freak you out if it happened in your own family.

9.Roger is a killer

What is it about imaginary friends and them killing people? Here this kid has one called Roger and he ended up killing himself and his entire family and he was his friend? It is also worrying that they lived under the coffee table to be honest.


10.The evil captain

This is scary because it sounds as if this kid is a trainee serial killer or something. You would be worried about what this kid could turn into when they got older if this is the stuff that is going through their mind when they are only seven years old.

11.The imaginary burial

You do have to kind of laugh at this one since they had to go through an entire funeral scene for an imaginary friend. You also wonder why he was only six inches tall because that just seems a rather peculiar height.


12.The faceless friend

Well this is certainly creepy because this kid had an imaginary friend that did not even have a face. To adults that sounds quite chilling, but apparently this kid just acted all normal and was not even that flustered about it?


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