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15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:13 am

Some people shouldn't use Facebook or any social media website for that matter. These dumb people really don't know what to post and what not to post on Facebook. They keep embarrassing their friends and family members with their stupid and ignorant messages. Facebook is a perfect place to share your pictures, updates or whatever but it's NOT a place to showcase your dumbness. Check these fifteen people who are exposing their ignorance and immaturity right on their Facebook profiles. 
7.Is it a pic of Panda?

Really? Are people really that much dumb nowadays? I think that's why education standard is decreasing day by day all our the world. But seriously, they don't know the difference between a panda and a koala bear? that's disgusting!!

Is it a pic of Panda?-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

8.How Does Nature Do that?

Mount Rushmor's four president faces have always been a mystery especially for illiterates like these, I laugh when people think they are naturally made, do you think that too?

How Does Nature Do that?-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

9.This Stupid Person

There, their and they're confuse a lot of people; But to be frank, They aren't that confusing if you understand their meaning correctly. On the other hand, Your and You're are probably the most confused words. This person should have read twice before posting that status.

This Stupid Person-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

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