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Fun Things To Do When You Are Bored

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 3:29 pm

1.Food face

Raid your fridge and cupboard and look at what there is that you can then use in order to make a face on a plate. Get as creative as possible, then upload an image to your social network profiles and challenge your friends to beat you.


Watch people go by and start making up little stories about them depending on how you view them or what they are doing. Do this in conjunction with a friend and see if you can get the people to become characters in your own story.

3.Dog treats

If you love dogs, then why not get some dog treats, get yourself to the local park, and use them to meet new dogs and their owners. See if you can get 20 different breeds or however many treats you have available and make notes as to which ones you have come across.

4.Fort building

Why not go back to your childhood and look at building a fort in the lounge. This can be a great thing to do and who cares if you are an adult and acting like this? The main thing is that you have fun and it will certainly pass the time.

5.T-shirt design

If you are artistic at all, then how about creating your own t-shirt online and then maybe even managing to sell them to people? This can not only help to ease your boredom, but also lead to you earning some spare cash and that is never a bad thing is it?


Do yourself a real favor and choose a musical instrument and then see about learning how to play it. Something such as a guitar is perfect as you can just pick it up, plug it in, and play it whenever you want and there is no doubt that this does help to pass the time.


If you enjoy cooking, then set yourself the task of choosing random items in your kitchen, or get somebody else to choose them, and then make a tasty meal out of what is available. This can be very tough for some people, but ultimately it can also be a lot of fun when done correctly.



Dream up your fantasy business including the name, what you would do, how you would run it and anything else until you have some kind of business plan. Believe it or not, but some people do actually then go on to do this and make their business a reality, so you never know what could happen with it.

9.Make a website

Choose something you enjoy and make a simple website to it using one of the many free methods that are available online. These methods will do everything for you as all you need to do is move the pieces around, add colors, images, and of course text.


10.Water balloons

Washing the car is a popular thing to do when bored, but how about changing it a bit and using water balloons in order to wash the soap off? This is certainly more fun than the hose or power washer, but do be aware that you will get some strange looks from people walking past.

11.Walkie Talkie

How about hiding a walkie talkie and say something to everybody as they walk past? This game can bring you hours of amusement, or sometimes less if the person finds it and runs away with the second walkie talkie, so do be prepared to take that chance.


12.Rate people

Go for a coffee with a friend and give marks out of 10 for the people going past. See how your scores compare and discuss why you chose that number. It may sound basic, but it does at least switch your mind away from being bored.


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