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Funniest Bumper Stickers

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:11 am

1.Irony Bumper Sticker

This bumper sticker is the true definition of irony. If you hate bumper stickers so much, then why have one on your vehicle? But judging by the sticker's raggedy condition the driver probably only has it there for decoration. Then again, we always tend to secretly love the things we 'hate.'

2.Prissy Car Bumper Sticker

This is the sort of bumper sticker that just makes you want to do the total opposite. This isn't the typical thing you'd think a car would say, but that's what makes it funny. Now, if someone was to throw some water on the car, would that classify as touching?

3.WWJD Bumper Sticker

People are always wondering WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?), well this bumper sticker explains it. This was more than likely created for those drivers who have a bunch of religious bumper stickers on their car. They can preach about religion, and not doing harm to their fellow man, but they never use their turn signals on the road where they can harm people.

4.Insanity Bumper Sticker

It normally takes a while for a person to show just how crazy they are, their driver is telling you from the get-go. Not only is this bumper sticker funny, it also lets me know if I see someone with it, I should slow down and make sure I'm on at least 50 feet away from them.

5.Who Needs Men Bumper Sticker

Of course most men would think otherwise, but truer words have never been spoken. Male drivers probably started reading the sticker thinking it was going to be a positive message due to the "WITHOUT MEN" part. Then they were hit with a dose of reality when they read the rest of the bumper sticker. I do have to disagree with the bumper sticker though, civilization would last until the rent needed to paid as well.

6.PETA Alternate Meaning Bumper Sticker

It's funny how PETA is against animal cruelty, yet someone was able to make an acronym promoting the exact opposite. PETA probably won't be amused, but I sure am. The great news is the sticker only specifies tasty animals, so PETA can rest easy knowing that the rest of the creatures in the world will not be eaten.

7.Take that Gov't Bumper Sticker

I feel this way every time I look at my paycheck. This bumper sticker kills two birds with one stone; it encourages people not to steal and pokes fun at the government. This is one of those random facts that you don't really think about until someone brings it to your attention, and then you get depressed.


8.Potty emergency Bumper Sticker

Every driver known to man can relate to this bumper sticker. Most drivers feel this way, but this person had the guts to put it on their vehicle. Being that there are gas stations all over the place, I doubt this bumper sticker will help any driver get out of a speeding a ticket.

9.Light Revenge Bumper Sticker

It's always a nice gesture, to warn your fellow drivers that you have a slight case of road rage. This bumper sticker is a clever way to get other drivers to approach you with caution. Although it's a joke, you have to be a certain type of person to put a threatening bumper sticker on your vehicle.


10.Road Rage Bumper Sticker

When you can't use your car horn to get traffic moving, just flip them the bird. Since most drivers ignore car horns anyway, this bumper sticker is pretty funny. Someone honking their horn at you, just means they want you to get moving and chances are, you'll probably forget it by the time you hit the next light. But someone flipping you off means some poor sap at the water cooler is going to get a long drawn-out story about your morning commute.

11.Watch out for the Idiot Bumper Sticker

This guy is just asking for someone to hit him. You have to be a real "winner" to think it's a smart idea to call everyone on the road behind you, an idiot. And judging by the condition of the back of his vehicle, this driver needs to be concerned with some soap and water, rather than name-calling.


12.Go Hilary Bumper Sticker!

Hilary Clinton does not approve of this message. This bumper sticker actually makes Monica Lewinsky the most relevant she has been in years. Even though this bumper sticker is extremely funny, and endorses Clinton in a clever way, it gives the former White House intern a title she never had.

13.Cat Killer Bumper Sticker

I'm guessing this guy is not a fan of animals of the feline persuasion. It's not every day you see someone readily admit to knocking off cats on purpose. Most people will stop when they hit something on road, but obviously not this guy. Hopefully he doesn't have the same bumper sticker for dogs on his car as well.

14.Honesty is the Best Policy

I think this driver forgot to read the fine print on their insurance coverage. This bumper stick translates really to "I'm A Moron." Hopefully this driver has an additional bumper sticker that says, "If I Hit You, I Promise to Pay You with a Hug, Since My Insurance Sucks."

15.Honor Roll Kid Bumper Sticker with a Twist

I'm not sure if this parent is happier to show-off their kid's intelligence by making the honor roll or that they think the president is an idiot. Honor Roll bumper stickers are pretty common, but this one is particularly funny because it has a twist and it could be about any president. This bumper sticker must have been created during the George W. Bush era.


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