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Funniest Business Cards

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 8:57 am

1.Luke Skywalker Business Card

When you're a professional hero, you can only be Luke Skywalker. It is commendable that this person did take the initiative and placed their specialties on the business card. This particular card is hilarious because it randomly has 'Moisture Farmer' as one of the specialties. Luke Skywalker was a lot of things, but Moisture Farmer he was not.

2.Find A Word Business Card

Business cards are typically tossed in a pocket, purse or drawer. This business card, however, is a keeper! This is the perfect item to have when you're traveling somewhere and you are bored to tears. You can search for the words listed and then you can see if you can find other words as well.

3.Assistant Business Card

If you can't afford to print up an actual business card, then how are you going to pay an assistant? Then again, the card does say that the person who takes the job will be subjected to long hours for low wages. The person who takes this job, deserves all the ill-treatment they can get.

4.Poison Control and Pizza

Seeing a business card advertising food and poison all at the same time, is never the route to take. Tary must have missed the memo on having good business etiquette. It's great to save money, but when your businesses are polar opposites, it's best to dish out the money for separate business cards.

5.You Suck Business Card

Instead of networking with people around the world, this person spends their time printing up frivolous business cards. This person probably pops a blood vessel anytime they see someone who has parked their car too close to the curb or on a slight slant. Instead of letting the parking mishap go, this person gives this 'business' card to the person so they can improve their parking skills.

6.Divorce Lawyer - Two Cards In One

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, then why not make it a family affair and use the same lawyer. This lawyer obviously has a sense of humor. He made his business card so it perforated down the middle, yet it still has his contact information on both sides.

7.Chicken Butt Business Card

This business card is so random that you can't help but laugh at it. The card pays homage to the saying "Guess what?... Chicken Butt!" It only works for this person because his last name is But. Poor Michael But has probably been the butt of many jokes over the years.


8.Chewbacca Business Card

Chewbacca just stands around growling and making noise, but somehow he's made his way onto a business card. This hairy Wookie doesn't have a thing to do with pilots, but this person thought it was smart to put a creature on their business card. At least they got Chewbacca's good side in the photo.

9.Call Me, Maybe? Business Card

Carly Rae Jepsen is now inspiring business cards. This person thought it would be clever to put the lyrics to Jepsen's smash-hit, "Call Me Maybe" on his business card. Unless you do business from within a brothel, then this isn't the smartest idea for someone who wants to be taken seriously.


10.Help Alcoholics with Alcohol

If you're serious about kicking an alcohol habit, then these are the people that you do not want to call. Instead of helping, they will just feed your habit and provide you with more liquor. The card is funny because the first few lines make it seem like the company wants to help, that's until you get to the Liquor Home Delivery line.

11.Darth Vader Business Card

This person has way too much time and money on their hands. If you believe you're Darth Vader, then it's time to check yourself into an asylum. This business card is hilarious and any Star Wars fan would love it, but it's also a colossal waste of time. Just think of all the poor trees that had to die to make this.


12.Google Me Business Card

Even when you have someone's business card, you still feel compelled to look them up. So in order to save the people you give your business cards some time, just create one that tells them to 'Google You.' Chances are, the person on the receiving end, will likely discover more information about you on the net anyway.


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