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12 Funniest Catwalk Fails

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 8:38 am

Some fashion outfits look so weird that we all wonder what fashion designers think when they design such clothes. Most of us neither buy those eccentric dresses nor appreciate the creativity of the designers. Models who wear wacky clothes look like aliens! Have you ever seen those crazy catwalk shows on the Fashion TV where models wear terrible and bizarre outfits? If you haven't, here's your chance to witness some of the hilarious catwalk moments. The cringeworthy pictures make you feel glad for not choosing modeling as career!

1.The Hairy Dog Faced Fur Hat

The hairy dog faced fur hat is a must for this winter. Imagine a group of hairy dog faced fur hat wearers standing together on a windy night under a lamppost in an eerie light. This is the stuff that inspires horror films.

The Hairy Dog Faced Fur Hat-12 Funniest Catwalk Fails


The designer who made this dress wanted it to be known it was hand knitted? She or he wanted it known so badly they even put knitting hands on the model with massive knitting needles. One is not sure though why the models eyes have been stuck together? Perhaps a knitting needle accident?

Ouch!-12 Funniest Catwalk Fails

3.Before And After

This model clearly wanted to wear her old pants from the days when she was not model worthy. Just to show how much weight she lost and how vibrantly healthy it has made her. As you can see the audience is hushed in contemplative agreement.

Before And After-12 Funniest Catwalk Fails

4.Coffee Scene

All fashion is art, art reflects life, this model is saying 'I live for coffee breaks with friends around my coffee table'. So, on that score this model is definitely reflecting life.

Coffee Scene-12 Funniest Catwalk Fails

5.Scary Insect

Models are the epitome of beauty and grace. Well, most of the time. Some of the time they look like scary insects, mid-flight about to pounce on their prey.

6.Stranger Still

A lot of things are happening in the picture, so take your time, and slowly spot one after the other! Did you notice the tangled wooden necklace that lady was wearing? It looks weird, right? Now, look at her swamp shoes. They look bizarre as well. Her struggle to walk properly is the worst of all. The girl's butt looks a bit sexy, though. Although her booty is not as big as Kardashian's, it is round enough to make some guys stretch their hands to get hold of KY and Kleenex! 

Stranger Still-12 Funniest Catwalk Fails


Some models are really not human. They are beautiful aliens from out of space. You can tell by how this model falls and makes it look so glamorous!

Aliens-12 Funniest Catwalk Fails


8.The Catwalk Mood

The funny thing about modeling a catwalk is, you look as moody as hell when you walk down it, but when you fall you giggle like a crazed nut. Take this image as being a prime example of how things can just go wrong in an instant.

9.Winter Stole and Beach Shorts Trends

Somewhere, someone will think that beachwear mixed with fur stoles will take off for men. The added bones T-Shirt and bony leg tights might just put the same pressure on men to get thin.


10.Rabbit Model

After years of parading on catwalks this model decided to bark wildly at the audience. Okay, not really she fell, but it makes for a great photograph!

11.From Fabulous to Fail

This model started off on the runway as an alluring exotic bird like creature. draped with the finest of fabrics and feathers. Half way through after falling she looks like a homeless person looking for a fallen quarter.


12.Camera, Light And Action

Everyone aspires to the fine art of couture. Those moody models looking so, well moody? This model has her own lights and stage attached to her outfit. This is an outfit that should sell really well. How many woman hate bad lighting for example?

Camera, Light And Action-12 Funniest Catwalk Fails


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