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Weirdest Dresses

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 10:25 am

1.v@gina Dress

This dress tells the world that you're all women, and you're letting it all hang out. A v@gina on the dress is subtle, but anyone who is familiar with the v@gina recognizes it right away. The pink, the folds, the flowery shape. What else can it be, except maybe a very large tulip.

2.Raw Meat Dress

Lady Gaga nailed it in this original raw meat dress when she appeared at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Made from flank steak, in order for the dress to stay together well, the designer chose the cut from his own family butcher. Lady Gaga had to be stitched into the outfit. Anyone got any steak sauce?

3.Cheeseburger Dress

There is nothing that says, "I'm delicious, and I know it," better than a cheeseburger dress. This knit, form fitting mini-dress has been made to resemble one of America's favorite sandwiches, complete with lettuce, and tomato. Hold the pickle and onion if you have a hot date. No one likes onion breath.

4.Plate Dress

Going out to eat, or to a formal occasion, take your own plate ... or plates, for that matter. This dress is made up of many different patterns of plates, broken up and reassembled to create this unique outfit. It doesn't appear to be too comfortable, but is definitely a conversation starter. We can call it the appetizer, if we feel so inclined.

5.Flag Dress

A great way to be patriotic and support your country. This bride is not all about being white and virginous, she wants everyone to know that she is proud to be an American. The red, white and blue highlighted with white stars, makes a start contrast to the white veil.

6.Sponge Dress

You can take the girl out of the kitchen, but you can't take the kitchen out of the girl. This dress is made up of multi colored sponges, creating a form fitting outfit, complete with matching hat. What would happened if she was caught out in the rain? Would the dress get larger and larger, until someone rung her out?

7.Bubelle Dress

Lighter than air, this Bubelle dress, simulates bubbles with its elegant layers. It makes a statement as it enters the room, no matter who is underneath. White and shimmery with opalescent sparkle, a dress so unique, you would never have to worry if someone else was wearing the same one.


8.Sneaker Dress

Talk about dressing down. This dress is made of running shoes. Hard to believe, the the soles and uppers were stripped down, flattened and reshaped to form this amazing dress that will steal the show wherever it goes. And, if you have to make a quick get away, you've got many running shoes to choose from.

9.Peacock Feather Dress

Birds of a feather flock together, and they really did in this dress. Made up of peacock feathers, the gown is actually quite beautiful with the long train dragging behind it. As close to a beautiful, feather bird as you can come. Wearing this dress adds elegance and mystique to any occasion.


10.Birdcage Dress

LIke a bird in a cage, any woman would feel light as a feather in this birdcage dress. Well it looks like you can't really move around too well in it, but it definitely makes a statement. Demure and dainty, any women who puts this on feels ten times smaller than she did before.

11.Wooden Dress

A dress made out of wood, how unique. This dress is "hard" to miss as the circular skirt pieces get large and large creating a type of A line dress. Must not be too comfortable to sit in, and hopefully she doesn't get a splinter. What women will do to make a fashion statement.


12.Phonebook Dress

At first glance you may not know it, but this dress is made out of phone books. The pages look to be softened and fanned out, but they are phone book pages nonetheless. A creative and edgy take on a beautifully shaped dress. Who uses phone books anymore anyway, so may as well wear them.


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