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15 Hilarious Comebacks To Unwanted Dick Pics

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:07 am

Waking up to see d*ck pictures of random guys in your Tinder inbox or the other chat application is certainly a terrible way to start the day. Unfortunately, too many men think it's cool to send the pictures of their junk to their potential suitors or even unknown girls, but let's remind you guys that no woman craves to see your junk unless you are her sexual interest. We guess many of the ladies reading this topic may have been dealing with it, so what we are going to do now is show them 15 hilarious comebacks to unwanted d*ck pictures to help them fight the barbarism efficiently!
7.Serious Warning

That was the last time he sends an inappropriate picture to a girl! Nonetheless, that was a really, really, serious warning.

Serious Warning-15 Hilarious Comebacks To Unwanted Dick Pics

8.This Hilarious Burn

Guess his response? There are three kinds of men. The first type would simply ignore the girl. Second would put a fake smile and try to cover up things. Third, and the horrible kind of three would simply abuse the girl!

This Hilarious Burn-15 Hilarious Comebacks To Unwanted Dick Pics

9.This Dick Song

Yes, the same c*ck bashing. But this time as a song! Sending indecent pictures is not the right way to impress a girl. 

This Dick Song-15 Hilarious Comebacks To Unwanted Dick Pics

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