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12 Funniest Wedding Signs Ever Seen

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 9:54 am

These days we see a lot of families, mainly couples, try very hard to make their wedding the talk of the town. From bridal gown to cake, they make sure they epitomize their creativity in all aspects of the marriage. A wedding ceremony is incomplete without a healthy quotient of humor, from hilarious wedding photos to horrible wedding dresses and even bizarre wedding themes. Formal marriages are like a boring TV show! No one talks about them after the wedding. A good nuptial ceremony is the one where guests can have a lot of fun. The following 12 pictures show how couples added humor to their marriage ceremony with some funny wedding signs! 

#7 Unattended Children Sign

Having your child run around or act up at a wedding is embarrassing and poor etiquette. This bride and groom created this sign to give parents a fair warning about what will happen if their child it let loose. Giving a child espresso is like seeing a hyperactive monkey at a zoo. And giving a little kid a puppy to take care of is a disaster waiting to happen.

Unattended Children Sign-12 Funniest Wedding Signs Ever Seen



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