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Funniest Notes To Thief

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 8:07 am

1.Well Mannered

The politeness of victims is astounding.. One wonders though it this lunch-less person taught the nasty thief anything at all?

2.The Future of Earth

This is a pretty good idea. Replace that which was stolen by a picture of it. That way soon enough the world will be made mostly of paper things. It has to stop!

3.Come On!

In a bid to save your office lunch perhaps stating your case beforehand could help? Like these constipated hopefuls!

4.The Dirty Rats

Threatening rat poison could be an excellent deterrent to those stealing lunches from the office fridge! Unless they have a rat issue at home in which case it could be quite useful.

5.It's The Darn Inconvenience

This notice to the thief that stop this persons iPOD sums it up well. It is not only the missing item that causes pain to the victim but all the inconvenience the event causes.

6.Take That!

Although this bike is drawn from memory we think the scale is pretty good! Sometimes it helps just to get it all off your chest and tell the thief just what you think of them.

7.Loss Strategy

A clever Marketing ploy, you lose some stock but sell some on protection methods. This is clearly somebody that has their head screwed on.


8.Don't You Realize?

Do thieves actually know that when they steal something they steal not only the item but also all the 'stuff' around it? Like this patio thief who stole this woman's summer.

9.The underwear thief

In all fairness her undies could have blown off the roof. After all who wants second hand underwear? Mind you a few strange individuals might have another agenda with her undies in mind.


10.Hearts Kisses and Little Faces.

At times a call for compassion is required, like this owner pining for his bike. One wonders if the heathen of a thief has any compassion in him or her? Probably not.

11.A Horrific End for This Offender

This person is clearly well connected. From Angela Lansbury to the evil clown from 'IT'. One wonders if the final penalty would to be sat on by the plump lady in the last picture?


12.Do Not Mess With Us

This thief should be scared. Very scared! Don't forget would-be violators, that the public does get mad and if the cops don't catch you, we will!

13.The Thief Compromise Note

In a world gone mad, it might help to think you can bargain with thieves? At least here they get a baby-wipe each.


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