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Funniest Solutions For Baldness

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 7:03 pm

1.Let the rest grow long

If you do have some hair around the sides or in the middle, then let it grow long so you have that complete contrast between the two extremes. This takes some guts because you are going to look ever so slightly strange, but as long as you are not the type of person that will be affected by this, then it could be a very funny solution.

2.Turn it into a joke mirror

There is always that joke about the bald head being shiny that it is like a mirror, so why not go one step further and actually turn it into one? All you need to do is some reflective paper, put it on your head and just wait for some people to turn around and start making comments about your shiny head.

3.Go for the bad wig

Unless you are going somewhere that is all serious you should consider getting a very bad wig where it really is exaggerated to a huge extent. The idea here is that you are saying wigs can look awful and that you are highlighting this fact yourself and how cool an idea is that going to be?


How about getting your other half to do their makeup and get your head all done up. Of course this is going to really draw attention to your head once again, but that is the only way you can tackle it if you feel ashamed of the fact that you are going bald.

5.Shape what's left

If you have some hair left, then how about shaping it into something cool just to be a bit different. Really go to town with highlighting the hair that is hanging on in there and make sure that you do indeed draw attention to it because that is the entire point of all of this.

6.Funny caps

Get a cap that openly tells people that you are wearing it because you are bald, so at least that way you are covering it up for a bit, but also making fun of yourself at the same time. There are a number of versions out there for you to consider buying, so do shop around and you may be surprised at what you come across.


If you love to be creative, then why not go ahead and put some art on your head in order to cover up that massive space. This is something that has so many possibilities as the only limits are going to be your own imagination. However, remember that it is going to be on your head, so do be at least a bit sensible when it comes to what you have done.


8.Elaborate comb over

The comb over is certainly something that is associated with being bald, but why be ashamed of it and instead make it look as obvious as possible that this is what you have done to tackle the problem of being bald. Do yourself a favor and look at what others have done in order to get some inspiration.

9.Ad space

How about doing something a bit different with your bald patch and turn it into an advertising billboard? How cool would it be to actually turn it into something that is useful rather than something that annoys you? Hey you can also make some money as well if you can put up with people looking at your head.



Believe it or not, but there are some people out there that have cured their baldness by having some hair tattooed onto their head. That way they do not have to worry about getting it cut and from a distance it will look like the real thing. The only problem is that the distance is approximately two miles.

11.Funny hat

Why not buy a joke hat that has some joke hair sewed into it? That way you appear to be wearing a hat quite well and nobody has to know that you are bald, until the hat blows off and they see nothing else but skin on the top of your head.



Why not make some fun of your baldness by drawing more attention to it thanks to funny stickers. You may be familiar with the one where it is a guy using a lawnmower to explain it, but in actual fact there are a number of different ones available, so look around for some inspiration.


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