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Funniest Toilet Graffiti

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 1:15 pm

1.Just being honest

Well at least this person is trying to make out that they are just being honest as to why they are hanging around. Whether it is indeed true or not is certainly not the part that is up for debate here because the only thing that you need to focus on is that this piece of graffiti is like a breath of fresh air because at least it is different.

2.So much anger

The funniest part of this piece of graffiti is not what is said, but the way in which you just picture the person that wrote it basically exploding in anger at the person on the other side of the door being on their cellphone. You just know that they almost carved those words into the door in their rage.

3.Irony works well

You cannot help but love the humor that is in this particular piece of graffiti because they are doing the simple thing of doing things that they then claim they hate, but apparently not realizing that they are doing it. OK that sounds more complicated than it should have.

4.Very doubtful

The problem with this piece of graffiti is that the person that wrote the first part really did not think it through. They were probably trying to be all philosophical when that was not the place to do it resulting in the second piece of graffiti appearing.

5.Get him out!

This is such a clever idea, but sadly it is a piece of graffiti that is getting harder to do since these hand towels no longer really exist in a lot of places. This person saw an opportunity to be funny and they went for it and for that they should be congratulated.

6.Bad Scotty

Sometimes graffiti can be very simple, but at the same time very funny as we see here. All they have done is take a famous saying from Star Trek and added some toilet humor and immediately your mind is going to start to picture this actually happening.

7.I don't remember that?

Now even if you are not an expert on the Bible you will guess that this is perhaps not an accurate quote and the drawing certainly never appeared in that particular book. However, the person behind it has been very creative and at least it is different from the normal drawings of a penis in the toilets.


8.Flowcharts work

This piece of graffiti is supposed to educate you and help you to decide on what you should do next. It shows that some people put a lot of thought into what they write on walls as can be seen here and lets face it we have all asked ourselves the questions that this graffiti then answers.

9.You wish

Go on, admit it you wish that this was true. If it was, then you would have a seriously long queue in the toilets just of people wanting bacon and nobody would be there to pee, such would be the appeal of this machine.



The funniest thing about this piece of graffiti is that the person that drew the swastika has managed to completely destroy the argument of the first person within seconds. There is absolutely no way that they could have picked anything worse than that to prove that they were wrong.


Sometimes with toilet graffiti it is not the first part of graffiti that is the funniest, but what somebody puts as a reaction to it. This is an absolutely prime example and you can just hear all of the catty remarks in the background as you read it.



You have to admit that the person behind this bit of graffiti has mastered the art of using the objects that are around you to the best of your ability. They saw this hook and immediately knew what they had to do and the result is something that you cannot help but admire.


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