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Funniest Women Problems

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:47 pm

1.Puberty can be tough

Puberty is tough on women in so many different ways especially for those that feel as if they have not developed in the right way. They look forward to when they are all womanly, but then when it does not quite happen it can hurt them for the rest of their lives.

2.Not good at shopping

Women can be bad at shopping as they go there for one thing and end up coming away with something completely different. That then leads to them complaining about not having the first thing that they went for when they were the ones that didn't buy it.

3.Never having anything to wear

Women really do not have anything to wear at any point in their existence even though there is a clothes mountain to work through. Guys will pick up a shirt, some pants, and are good to go, but it is like Mission Impossible for women.

4.A fair point

This really is a fair point since there are two completely different things going on here with how they dress when wanting to feel all sexy. Why are they so vastly different?

5.Jealousy can be terrible

Women can be terrible jealous and it can be over the strangest of things as this meme suggests. You can actually picture how annoying it would be for her that her boyfriend has longer hair and if it also looks healthier, then he is in for a rough time.

6.Double standards

This is the kind of double standards thing that can really mess up a guys head because we are forever getting mixed signals on what to do and what is expected of us. No wonder we end up getting confused and being in the bad books again.

7.Why do they do that?

This is one of those moments where it just does not make sense because why do women need to go to the toilet in pairs? If guys did that they would get strange looks and rightfully so.


8.Periods are a pain

OK so us guys cannot fully understand what is going on with periods, but we do know how much it ends up annoying women due to the way we are always on the receiving end of their anger. When you are scary with your period believe it or not, but that little alien probably wants out.

9.Eating is an issue

Eating really is an issue for some women especially when they feel that they are putting on weight. They end up suffering from bloating and a whole host of other issues that do away with the idea of them stuffing their face with fatty stuff all day.


10.It doesn't make sense

This is the kind of thing that just does not make sense because if you dress like this, then of course guys are going to stare at you as it is only natural. However, when that happens do not complain about it.

11.Shopping solves everything

There is no doubt that the logic here is indeed that shopping for clothes can solve every issue that exists in the world. That is a rather strange way to look at things, but it does explain why women end up with 100000 times more items than guys.


12.Amazingly accurate

Well this just about sums up getting a haircut for women because they must look on at guys and be envious at how little money they spend, but how different it can look at the end of it. However, they will still go ahead and spend a fortune.


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