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12 Cheap Yet Funny Cosplays Ever

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8:14 am

Some people are so passionate about cosplays that they have made cosplaying a career! Many of us are curious about cosplays, but the interest is often put down by the time and money we need to invest in making an attractive cosplay costume. What if we tell you that you can still cosplay and gain publicity without needing to spend a dime? Meet Anucha Saengchart, a 26-year-old man from Thailand who runs the Facebook Page #Lowcostcosplay. He works for an elderly care, and in his free time, he cosplays popular cartoon, television, and movie characters. Look at the 12 cheap yet funny Anucha cosplays that are sure to crack you up!

#8 Funny Star Wars Cosplay

Star Wars characters are very famous. A cosplay event is incomplete without a Star Wars costume. Anucha knew he had to cosplay a Star Wars character, and he came up with his funny cosplay idea. Apparently, he is using a cloth, what looks like two cardboard tubes, and a silver pot on his head! This is probably the cheapest ever Star Wars cosplay, and of course, it is one of the funniest Anucha's cosplays as well. This cosplay went viral and made him very popular a couple of years ago.  Hey, you can try this cosplay at home; it's cheap and easy!

Funny Star Wars Cosplay -12 Cheap Yet Funny Cosplays Ever



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