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12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 12:54 pm

Just in case if you are wondering what the heck a hump day is, it is a synonym of Wednesday. As expected, the American people invented the term, which was then picked up by their big-ass corporations and used it in their million dollar advertising campaigns. Since Wednesday is in the middle of a typical Monday to Friday workweek, it is informally called a hump day. Hump day isn't as exciting as a Friday, and on a positive note, it isn't as worse as a Monday. Now have a look at these 12 hilarious hump day memes!
4.Does That Make It Dry Humping?

To whoever created this meme, since a rainy Wednesday is not called a wet humping day, your argument is invalid! That's a nice play on words, though. Did you know a lot of people hate it when you start calling Wednesday a hump day? Some of them even threaten to hit these hump day maniacs with rocks! As an average person, one may not find the word, hump day, annoying, but we live in a diverse world where every individual has an opinion. You may run out of money to spend, food to eat, clothes to wear, but not opinions to spew!

Does That Make It Dry Humping?-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

5.GEICO Camel

We were talking about this GEICO camel advertisement a few minutes ago. This meme was made based on that commercial. That video ad is hilarious, and if you want, you may watch it on YouTube now. The grumpy cat and ape in the meme say they are tired of the camel' sh*t, but once that camel loses its cool, it's going to hit them hard with its toes - camel toes - very hard! PS: The girl in the meme has no connection with the humor on this post!  

GEICO Camel-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

6.Every Day Is A Hump Day

Every day is indeed a hump day for a dog! Most unneutered male dogs are serial humpers, and you are less likely to know about their sexual aggression unless you or your partner own one. They hump their owners' legs, stuffed toys, pillows, dirty laundry, and pretty much everything that is humpable. If you ever get mounted by a dog, just make sure there exist no signs of wetness or stickiness! If you aren't a dog lover, cleaning a dog's cum off your clothes is the grossest thing you will ever need to do! 

Every Day Is A Hump Day-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

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