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12 Funny Little Moments Found In Movie Credits

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 1:02 pm

Closing credits. Ain't nobody got time for that?! Just how we never read EULA while installing an app or a game, we never care to sit and watch the closing credits of a movie as well. Most of us simply get up and leave the theater the moment we see movie credits rolling on the screen. Frankly speaking, end credits are boring. However, in some rare cases, movie credits made spectators laugh hysterically. Take a look at the 12 unusual and funny instances found in movie closing credits that made moviegoers laugh hysterically!

1.Yolanda Squatpump

No one has an idea who Yolanda Squatpump is, but the lady has her name listed on the end credits sequence of at least 16 movies that were released in the 90s. As per her profile information on IMDB, Yolanda Squatpump worked in makeup, sound, and production management departments. Although this picture is authentic, it is hard to tell whether her surname is real or not. The name sounds hilarious, though. The name, Squatpump, became so popular that many people started using it as their chat or profile name.

2.Funny Furry Animals!

The end credits belong to a 1975 British movie named "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". The sentence "And mani interesting furry animals" refers to the usage of bunnies and other animals in the movie. The story of the film revolves around a medieval group of Knights who try to take over castles in England that are under the control of French. The movie was very famous back in those olden days. The creepy "bunnies attack" scene in the film is very popular even to this day. The clip went viral on YouTube nearly a decade back. The video is so famous that it has become a theme of many hilarious YouTube parodies.


Crazy film credits for this film "A Thousand Slots Is Never Enough." Of course this is just something made in iMovie, but funny nonetheless. We get it, the movie is about slots and it's an amateur film. Why not scream it out from the rooftops, "we have no film, just a love of slots ...or is it sluts."

4.Chris P. Bacon

If Kevin Bacon can be a star, then why can't Chris P. Bacon be one too. Either that's a cruel joke his parents played on him, or a name he chose for his "stage" name, but either way it's funny. Could be his parents didn't realize it when they possibly named him Chris Peter Bacon, until one day he used his middle initial.

5.Also Also Appearing

There are sometimes on-screen credits that go under the heading of "Also Appearing," but in this case they divided it up even further and added a sub-heading of "Also Also Appearing." Kind of redundant wouldn't you agree? But who reads the credits after a movie anyway? Well, probably those who are also also appearing.


It looks like someone messed up the subtitles in this film, and it also looks like they got fired. However, the producers seem upset that they were fired and are threatening to fire those who fired those responsible for the subtitles. Whew, that was quite a tongue twister.

7.What The Hell Is A Grip

With all the grips as part of the crew in a feature film, it can be hard for non-industry people, to even know what they all mean. Well the producers of The naked Gun 2 & 1/2: The Smell Of Fear thought they would clear it all up with a description in the on-screen credits.


8.Worm On Hook

In the 2012 film, The Battery, they even gave the worm on a hook a name. His name was Henry Owens, and he's apparently done more than many other actors trying to get their big break. He got an on-screen credit in a film. He's onto much bigger and better parts, we're sure.

9.Big Black Guy. Even Bigger Black Guy

Sometimes it's hard to find names of all the "other" people that appear in films. You have your lead actors that have names in the script, then supporting and featured actors, who also have names. However, as the list goes on, some of the people that the leads come in contact with have no name. So you end up with Big Black Guy and then you have an Even Bigger Black Guy.


10.Black Guy - Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is a millionaire today, but in the beginning, he was the son of a widow who worked as a factory worker to take care of her family. Jackson struggled a lot during the early years of his Hollywood career. He had to play minor roles in movies to keep things moving. Before Samuel L. Jackson became a big name in the show business, he had played a small role in, Sea of Love (1989). The "Pulp Fiction" star portrayed a black criminal in the movie. The name Black Guy in the picture is referring to the role. Tidbit: Samuel L. Jackson used to stutter when he was a kid!

11.And Mani Interesting Furry Animals

Movie credits are a strange thing. They are super important to anyone working on the movie production, but hardly anyone stays to watch the credits roll at the end of a film. It seems the furry animals at least got their mention, just in case one of them was in the audience at the theater.

12.Worst Boy - Adolph Hitler

He definitely is the worst boy... ever. Is there really someone trying to be an actor whose real name is Adolf Hitler? If your real last name was Hitler, would you name your kid Adolph? Wouldn't you just change your name from Hitler even before you had a child? These questions and many more, to be answered ... never.


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