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15 Hilarious Signboards That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:55 am

From waking up in the morning to coming back home after a long day at work, we witness numerous signboards that convey a variety of messages to the onlookers. We have them on roads, at public transport facilities, in the office, at parks, etc. Most of such signboards are straightforward, and they hardly look odd. However, at times, we stumble upon some funny signs, messages, or name boards that are outright hilarious! A spelling error, grammar mistake, contextual blunder, wacky instruction, ghastly warning, etc. make a signboard look weird. Have a look at 15 funny signboards that caught our attention.
1.Blowing Job

what if you encounter such a sign board in a restroom near you..? after you take a leak, wash your hands off and turn to a blower for a blowjob!! this one is quite funny, let the insanity prevail. :D

Blowing Job-15 Hilarious Signboards That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

2.Guns For Sale

Are you a potential offender?? a felon? You wish to take your criminal career to a higher level? get guns here and do as you wish. Now serving terrorists and criminals. :D

Guns For Sale-15 Hilarious Signboards That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

3.Funny Signboard In India

Oh boy, this entry has to be the funniest on the topic. Apparently, the board says a computer technology institute has been shitted to some other place! Well, well, well, that is clearly one of the most terrible spelling mistakes ever made by people. The picture clearly exemplifies why English is one of the toughest languages in the world to learn. A spelling error in English can completely change the meaning and context of a sentence. Coming back to the post, the "chick bazaar" road in the address is funny as well.

Funny Signboard In India-15 Hilarious Signboards That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Dear humans, Please do not irritate, annoy,bother,irk,harass,badger,tease,torment,provoke madden,taunt,anger,displease, pester,bully,exasperate,rile or vex the animal..

5.Fine to death

I suppose we often visit places, there we come across many weird things, how can one forget sign boards? sign boards which dont make sense, sign boards conveying funny or no meaning at all..dont you feel so?

6.Elephant's Alert

One more in the list of funny sign boards. I wonder where this bridge is and how come elephants can read the sign? blessed are the ones who come up with such retarded sign boards!! lol funny enough to share with you guys.


All credits to the picture for being so true. Honestly it not quite worth growing up. :D


8.Help desk

Do think twice before you consult the help desk from now. Because you me bet set on fire for the questions you ask.. :D

9.Homo Sapiens

How true is this picture. I feel bad for the kid but on a serious note, we need to peep into ourselves for introspection.

Homo Sapiens-15 Hilarious Signboards That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


10.You Don't Say..!!

This sign board conveys least or no meaning at all, but hats off to the manager for writing this thing up at least we have something to laugh at now.!


Dear non golfers don't ever try to enter a golf course if you love your balls. :D true story..!

12.Parents beware

Remember how kids mess up things at supermarket if left unattended?? this picture is dedicated to parents who don't mind their children at public places.

13.Curved yellow fruit..!!

How often do you find such stupid but funny sign boards?? i hope you enjoy eating the curved yellow fruit henceforth. ..:D

14.Jesus Calling..!!

This one is epic. Wrong sign boards at wrong places, I Believe god intends to put across his message in a quite funny way at times..! :D


Couldn't stop laughing for a while , One of the best noticing picture you will ever notice. And i believe you will notice that you are laughing your guts off by now. enjoy


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