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12 Funny Maps You Won't See In School

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 2:55 pm

The last time many of us saw a map or atlas is when we were in school. We used maps to learn where different continents, countries, oceans, deserts, etc. located in the world. Those maps hardly taught us anything new except the Earth's geographical or demo graphical information. What you are about to see now on the topic are 12 funny and illustrative world maps that tell us more about the world's reality! How Americans see different countries in the world? What does the rest of the world think about United States? Keep reading the topic to know answers via maps to more such intriguing questions!   

#11 America's View Of The World

Every one of us has an opinion on a particular country. For example, when I think of Australia, I think of its beer.  I'm sure it is going to be Kangaroos in your case! What does an average American think about the world countries? This map has the answer. Moose, hockey, and free healthcare system are the three things that spring to most Americans' minds when they think about Canada. They see Chinese as evil Commies, India as curry, and Africa as sand. For Americans, Mexico is Tequila and Brazil is drugs! No wonder the rest of the world finds America weird

America's View Of The World-12 Funny Maps You Won't See In School



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