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Funny Things People Say In Their Sleep

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 6:41 pm


"There's something in that turkey hopscotch. I can't stop watching. Gobble gobble!" What kind of a game is turkey hopscotch? How would they manage to actually play it in the first place? There are so many questions here and so little time to answer them.

2.Straight Jacket

"Ooh straight jackets online! Christmas sorted" Just what kind of a Christmas present is a straight jacket? How would you give that as a present to somebody and keep a straight face? How would they react at you basically telling them that you think they are a bit mad? Perhaps best to get something else.


"I just don't like those German Shepherds or their achtung sheep!" This in itself throws up some images that you are just going to find confusing to say the least. It seems to be the case that they are slightly confused as to what they hate and why, but what is an achtung sheep?

4.Door mat

"She said it was chewable. The door mat. The chewable door mat's not chewable. Not at all." So basically the guy that said this has been dreaming that he was chewing on a door mat, but why is it such a surprise to find out that it is not actually chewable after all? Was he really shocked by this? It sounds like it.


"Cuff him! Arrest him! I don't care, that manatee is going down!" You wonder what the manatee has done to result in them being arrested and to annoy this guy to such an extent that he is adamant that they need to be cuffed. Also, what kind of cuffs would you use anyway?


"The bagels have declared independence. The bakery is up in arms! There's a giant flour cloud enveloping everything. Don't trust the macaroons!" There is so much to say about this line that was uttered whilst sleeping that you just do not know where to begin, so basically just enjoy the images it is conjuring up.


"Zombie rugby could be better, but they keep passing their arms" You have to admit that you are now trying to work out how zombie rugby is actually played and also how bad they are at it as well. You just think of the ball being dropped constantly due to all of those arms that are being passed around.



"Avocados? You can shove them up your ass as well" Quite what the guy has against the humble avocado is unknown as is the person that he has asked to deposit them within their person, but you have to admit that it must have been some dream to come up with this line in your sleep.

9.Pork chops

"Pork chops are most satisfying. Mmmmmm. Dangle them from the ceiling." Ok so liking pork chops is one thing, but quite why this guy wanted them to be dangled from the ceiling is something completely different. Does it make them taste better in some way?



"Don't put the duck there it is completely irresponsible. Put it on the swing it will have more fun there" This is a line that somebody quoted their significant other as saying one night and you have to admit that it does conjure up some amazing mental images as to where the duck was being put in the first place.


Imagine saying "Quick! Everybody lock your doors! Squirrelantula is on the loose again! And this time he means business. GET THE GIANT BROOM!" in your sleep. How would your partner react? Would they be sympathetic to you or would they call for you to be taken away for your own safety?

12.Scooby Doo

A guy reported his child would shout out "I know your secrets" in their sleep and of course at first this was worrying for the parents wondering what the child had discovered. That was until they noticed that it was a line in Scooby Doo and they were clearly dreaming about this cartoon dog.


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