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Funny Ways To Respond To A Wrong Number Text

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 9:35 am

1.Chest photos

If you plan on sending somebody a photo of you in a message, then it is essential that you have the right person. Imagine if it was not his face that he sent to another guy? How awkward and strange would that turn out to be?

2.A cat????

The thing that should worry you here is that the person that initially sent a message appears to not know the difference between a cat and a dog. For the person that replied with the images it must have felt like a hollow victory when they realized that they were dealing with somebody that was that dumb.


Surely this has to be one of the best replies to a wrong number text ever? Yes all you need to do is reply by using a couple of screen shots to just freak the other person out and make them wonder what they have got themselves into.


This all seems to be going fine at the start until they reveal that they are not actually Jenny. You can now imagine one person laughing so much while the first person is completely confused and probably slightly embarrassed at the entire conversation.

5.Good boy!!

If you are planning on being even slightly sexual in your texts, then surely you need to be absolutely sure that you are indeed texting the right person? This just makes things very awkward indeed because suddenly there you are with somebody else thinking you want to have sex with them.

6.The car

So you are texting somebody about buying a car and you send to the wrong person, so what does that person do? That is easy...they turn it slightly creepy with the missing you text that may very well make the person think twice about buying the car. It is a costly error.

7.There's a video?

Ahh yes is there anything better than pretending that there is evidence of something that somebody else wishes never existed even if it does not actually exist in the first place? Well you kind of know what we mean there, but then the person in this text certainly does understand that entire concept.


8.The Bieber text

The best part about this reply is that he uses song lyrics at first before being a bit more brutal at the end. However, maybe the first person is protesting a bit too much and too vocally about it not being a Bieber concert that they were going to see?

9.For the wife

So how awkward is that going to be the next time you see her in person? Oh honey about that breaking up with you text that I sent by get the feeling he may indeed get that divorce.


10.Get tested

Imagine the shock you would be in if you sent an innocent message and you got this as a reply. OK you might eventually work out that it was not who you expected to text, but still the idea of you having herpes would make you think twice about who you were messaging.

11.Picture reply

If somebody gets the wrong sex, then surely this is the best reply that you can ever possibly send. It is of course made better by the fact he has facial hair, so at least there can be no way that the first guy could ever mistake him for being female.


12.You are out!!

Well this guy certainly knew how to respond to pool old Chris when he sent this to the wrong number. You wonder what Chris was then thinking when he read it, he must have been devastated until he realized what he had done.


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