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12 Hilarious Cake Texts That Will Make You Laugh For Sure

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 1:32 pm

Everyone loves cake. It's the most important part of any event or celebration. All our celebrations will be boring without cakes. But cake is not just a desert to eat. It can be used for many things like as a throwing object during a food fight or even sending out a message for someone. Here are 12 people who came up with best cake texts to send out their message, apology or even gratitude. # 6 is sure to make you lol!
1.Drunken Choices

Bam! A slap in the face cake. Who knows what this chump did while he or she was drunk, but apparently it wasn't good. To pour salt (or shall we say ... sugar) in the wound, someone wants to make sure they know how foolish they were, by putting it in writing on a cake.

2.Gender Confusion

There is no way out of it, but this person is trying hard to apologize. However, if you're a man who is mistaken for a woman, who doesn't want to be mistaken for a women, then this cake isn't going to do the trick. Instead they should have written "I knew you were a man, but wished you were a woman."


Now this cake screams forgive me. It seems someone "slipped" up and ended up somewhere he shouldn't have gone. Now there is nothing else to do but apologize, and apologize up the butt. What better way to say I'm sorry than with frosting, gum drops and sprinkles? Maybe some lube.


What better way to resign than with a cake. It's a win-win for everyone. Management gets a sweet treat with the loss of an employee, and the employee gets to leave on a high note ... a sugar high that is. A letter on a cake. Brilliant idea that had to have left a lasting impression.


Is this a cake from a daughter to her father? Odd if it's true. Or is it a wife/girlfriend to her baby daddy. Either way, it's creative and fun. Cakes are a great way to get a message across with delicious fun. This cake is all that and a bag of sperm.

6.Small penis

The ultimate insult. No one wants to be told they are old on their birthday, and no one wants to be told they have a small penis ... ever. This cake packs a double whammy for whoever receives it. Hopefully they have a sense of humor, or the giver of the cake better not be at the birthday party.

7.Slept With Your Mom

Say what? The giver of this cake better be planning on dropping the cake on the doorstep and running. There ain't no cake to make this right. However, at the least the offender thought batter to soften the blow with a delicious cake. Do you want to bet the recipient, as mad as they might be, still ate the cake?



What is the giver of this cake trying to say? Are they planning to kill the recipient, or is the recipient the victim of a deadly disease? Either way, this cake is probably in bad taste, but it probably tastes good. Great for a laugh, unless it's serious, but a good sugar high is worth a punch in the face.

9.Dessert You

Now this is one clever cake. In true Rick Astley spirit, this cake is never gonna let you down and it certainly won't dessert you. The play on words is magnificent, along with cake and frosting, this person can't go wrong. Whoever is the recipient of this cake will believe anything the giver of the cake is saying.


10.Grumpy Bitch

A great way to apologize for being grumpy, ply them with a sugary treat. They say the way to get to a man is through his stomach, and this cake will do just that. How can he stay mad when his mouth is full of soft, moist cake with decadent frosting?


Giving someone herpes is one thing. Giving them a cake to take the sting out of it is another. No amount of sugar can make up for something that lasts forever, because once the sugar high has worn off, the victim is still left with recurring welts on their genitals. A least there's a sad face there.


There is always a cake for any occasion, even when you fall. The sentiment is there for the person who fell, but did they have to mention that fifteen people saw it. A great way to put a smile on someone's face who as humiliated. Sugar cures everything, even a broken ego.


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