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12 Hilarious Clothing Tags You'll Ever See

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 8:05 am

The laundry instruction tags that we find on our clothes are pretty straightforward in most cases. They tell us how to and how not to wash the garments. Many of us, especially the men, pay no heed to such clothing tags. It is probably a good idea to check those labels. We are telling you this not because the tags have important laundry instructions printed on them, but because they may surprise you with some hilarious messages. Whether they are the result of clothing manufacturers' sense of humor or got lost in translation, the following 12 clothing tag instructions are hilarious to read!
1.Listen to the tag

Well with this tag we certainly need to listen to the advice that it is giving us because boy does it make sense. At least it is a useful tag unlike so many others out there.

2.Were they too big?

Well the big question here is whether they did not fit due to being too big or too small. Of course it will depend on the animals that they used for testing, but surely something along the lines of a monkey or even a big koala would have done?

3.It's being honest

Finally a label that is just being honest because you are looking at all of these symbols and you have absolutely no idea what is going on. It looks like some strange ancient language to you and that you need a degree to work it out, but nope all you need is your mother.

4.A touch of sexism

Ahh nothing like a touch of sexism to keep people happy and here is a tag that certainly lives by that mantra. You can imagine it shouting out if a guy goes to try and wash it because it just feels that that is the wrong thing to do.

5.Not on Saturn??

Well this will come as a shock to you that this garment was indeed made on earth. Surely everybody was looking at it and thinking that it was out of this world only to then be disappointed that this is not the case.

6.Well that is useful

Well there is some useful advice for you on this tag, but then surely it is merely stating the obvious? You would need to be really stupid to think that dragging it behind the car would make a difference and how confused would you end up being when you see that it only made things worse?

7.I wouldn't dream of it

The big question here is how many times the company that makes this garment actually caught people slapping a panda to merit putting it on this tag? It must have been a huge number of times or else surely they would have put something a bit more useful on there?


8.Sounds sinister

Well this tag is going to put the wind up you because is that not one sinister comment on there? What exactly does it mean about more space in the basement? What is going to happen down there that this tag already knows about????

9.The tag is talking to you

Aww isn't this nice? The tag seems to be talking to you one on one and giving you its life story and how it likes to be treated. It just wants you to know how to love it and not to hurt it.


10.Some useful advice

Well at least this tag is trying to be quite useful and giving you some personal hygiene advice. Of course why it has to appear on a tag is another question because what comes next? A hat that tells you to make sure that you wash behind your ears?

11.Is it bullying me?

What is this tag trying to say? Does it seriously think I am not manly? Well I hope it is happy as it has now made me burst into tears!! I am sobbing like a big baby in the corner and I'm going to tell my mom

12.A bit too scathing?

Surely this tag is being a bit too scathing in its remarks? OK maybe not because it is also only going to be telling the truth as it would be like one hell of a funny sight watching somebody going from an XL to S in one fell swoop.


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