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12 Hilarious Sex Memes That Will Make You Lol

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 1:02 pm

God is very intelligent! He knew humans would be too indolent to reproduce, so he invented a bizarre biological ritual called sex to lure people into having kids! His invention has worked, and the life on Earth, especially the human race, has been thriving ever since like seaweed. We now roughly have approx 7 billion d*cks and p*ssies of various sizes, colors, and shapes in our world. Oh yes, that's a huge number! Stats aside, let's talk about sex now - sexual humor to be precise! Have a look at these 12 sex memes that are sure to crack you up! 
4.Small D*ck Problems

"When his d*ck is little, and you moan and pretend like it hurts because you are just a really nice person with a good heart!"
Most guys with small package tend to be insecure, and that is what makes girls leave them. Unless you can f*ck a Cheerio without breaking it, you don't need to worry about the penis size. The global average for manhood is 5.1 inches. Anything less than 3 inches just hangs in there like an emblem of shame and misery! Six inches is the ideal length for most girls, so if your d*ck is smaller than that, compensate it by being a good f*cker! Try to last longer in bed, smash her hard, and be a radical "candy licker" and suck away all her disappointment! 

Small D*ck Problems-12 Hilarious Sex Memes That Will Make You Lol

5.When You Accidentally Spill The Daddy Juice!

"When she asks if you pulled out and you say yea." 
They say that this pullout or withdrawal technique is ineffective and causes unwanted pregnancies. They want you to purchase their expensive birth control pills. You know who they are, right? Yes, we are talking about those money-greedy pharmaceutical companies! Birth control pills have terrible side effects, and they mess up the endocrine (hormone) system. If a girl is dead serious about not getting pregnant, she should ask her man to wear a condom. As a guy, if you are too worried about accidentally shooting your load inside her, you are probably not enjoying sex! Orgasms feel great, so find a way to enjoy them to the fullest. 

When You Accidentally Spill The Daddy Juice!-12 Hilarious Sex Memes That Will Make You Lol

6.Small D*ck Problems, Again

"When you've been f*cking her for 10 minutes, and she says, 'Stop fingering me already.'"
As said earlier, stop worrying about the small package, if you have one. If you genuinely want to satisfy your partner, focus on foreplay - a lot of foreplay! Forget that your penis exists and explore other ways of making her feel good. You may use your tongue, fingers, even a dildo just to get her off! Remember, every girl has a tiny penis called clitoris. As a man, if you master the art of clitoral stimulation using your tongue and lips, a girl may never leave you even if you don't have a penis in the first place!

Small D*ck Problems, Again-12 Hilarious Sex Memes That Will Make You Lol

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