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15 Hilarious Walmart Pictures That Will Make You Say WTF!!

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 11:15 am

If you want to see hippies, weird people, wacky dresses, bizarre things, Walmart is one right place to check in! The Walmart stores in the United States have a bad reputation all over the world for letting in some weird people. In fact, Walmart customers are a popular American stereotype. If you ever visit a Walmart, particularly among the ones that are situated in the North, you are more likely to understand that the Walmart stereotype is actually true. Here are fifteen hilarious Walmart pictures that make you laugh hard! 
1.Sweet Locks

This is certainly a hairstyle that you are not going to forget in a hurry. The idea of tying sweets to your hair is certainly different and it is useful if you find that you are getting hungry and just want a little snack. This idea could be used by a number of different people, but where would it end with sweets? Could you put on other things as well? The mind can now work overtime.

Sweet Locks-15 Hilarious Walmart Pictures That Will Make You Say WTF!!

2.Kid On A Leash

OK kids can act up, but how bad must they be for you to drag them around on the floor like they are a dog? The mother here is not even bothering that she has this thing wrapped around him and is pulling him along, but then you hope somebody else would have had a go at her for being such an idiot? The kid might have been bad, but surely not bad enough for that?

Kid On A Leash-15 Hilarious Walmart Pictures That Will Make You Say WTF!!

3.Martin Poppins

Martin Poppins here has clearly decided to get all dressed up for his weekly shop at Walmart. It really is a strange look, but perhaps the strangest thing is that the people at the crossing have not even turned around to look at him. Surely people would be crashing cars at the sight of this as everybody would be in a state of disbelief.

4.The mess

This would not be your finest hour if this happened to you. Imagine the state of shock and disgust you would be in if you had this accident in white pants and somebody was there to take a photograph and put it on the Internet of you. Basically you would just go home and hope that the world swallowed you whole and hope that it was all a dream and did not happen.

5.The pee

OK medical conditions sometimes lead to you having to walk around with this on you. But if you are going to have to wear it, then surely you would wear long trousers to cover it up and not walk around with it hanging there? Imagine standing behind them and seeing that it is filling up before your very eyes, how horrible would that be?

6.Store car

This is not some marketing gimmick. Instead, somebody really did just drive a car straight into Walmart and thought they could get away with it. Somebody needs to tell them that there is not a drive-through option at Walmart and even if they did it does not involve driving into the actual store.

7.Dog mess

Seeing a car outside Walmart with a dog in it is not unusual, but this photo shows what can happen if you do not make sure that your dog does not need the loo before you go inside. Imagine the surprise that the owner is going to get when they come back, but it is their own fault and not the dog.


8.Toilet paper

This picture is bad in so many ways because not only would it be capable of giving you a red face if you walked out with some toilet paper stuck on you think how bad it would be in this situation. Look closely at the right hand picture and you will see some staining on the paper. Now think about what that staining has to be and how you would run out of the store screaming if it was you.

9.This Nude Lady

You rarely see nude people at Walmart stores. Fat people's ass cracks or deep cleavages are a standard sight at a Walmart store. This lady is different though. It looks like she undressed herself inside one of those trial rooms, and came out nude! That wasn't a pretty sight, or was it? 

This Nude Lady-15 Hilarious Walmart Pictures That Will Make You Say WTF!!


10.Trolley granny

Yes you are seeing this right. This woman, who really should know better, is being pushed around the store inside the trolley. This is something you stop doing as a child, but she clearly could never let go of that particular treat and is continuing to do it to this very day. She looks a bit started at having been caught, but then she is probably used to people staring at her.

11.Buy a baby

Look closely and you will see that this woman is trying to buy a baby at Walmart. Is it a special offer? Maybe the baby was reduced in price and she thought she would snap it up before somebody else? What did the cashier think when she tried to scan a baby and suddenly realized why it did not do that beep sound?


12.Mullets galore

It looks as if the mullet is alive and kicking in Walmart as this photograph does show two excellent examples that should be in the mullet hall of fame. They are prime examples of the style and they do at least have the rest of the attire in place as well just to heighten the mullet experience. Well done on the effort you have put into producing something that deserves its place on the Internet.

13.The hair

What is actually going on here? Does she have long hair in various styles and thicknesses or is it a number of wigs that are all clipped together like some wig conga line? The fact that somebody has actually gone out in public like this is a scary thought as they need help for their own sake if they think that this is a cool look.

14.Boss tat

Yes you read it right. This woman does have the words "I'm Bossy" on her ass and she is happy to show it off to anybody that cares to look or has a camera. The tattoo itself is not that bad, and you just know that it is also going to be very accurate in what it says, but why display it like this when you are just in Walmart? There are some things that should be kept under wraps there and your ass is one of them.

15.The pants

Yes this photograph is real. This woman appears to believe that she has dressed all nice and s^xy for Walmart when in actual fact it appears as if she has dressed in her pants. Perhaps she thought that the sunglasses would make a difference and hide her identity in some way, but it did not work as this photograph now shows.


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