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12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 12:49 pm

"Wat" is an English slang word that is often used to express feelings of surprise, uncertainty, and confusion. "Wat" is like a polite variant of the expressions such as WTF or WTH. In the meme world, the word, "wat," is often accompanied by a picture. There are many Wat memes on the internet, but the one with an old woman's picture is famous. As a meme fan, perhaps, you don't need any special introduction about "Wat Grandma." The toothless granny is one of the most recognizable first generation memes and reaction pictures. Have a look at these 12 Wat memes that we think are hilarious.
1.This "Wat" Question!

Apparently, a random guy seeks help from the internet as he says he accidentally peed inside his girlfriend's vagina! One can't accidentally flood a girl's meaty cave, can they? If a guy feels like he is about to leak the wrong fluid, he can pull his tool out in a fraction of a second. This gross case of urination during sex happens only when a man intentionally does it or when he has some serious bladder issues. Well, we almost forgot to mention that epic pun, "Looks like urine trouble!" Everything including the question, answer, and the Wat Grandma's reaction is funny in this meme!


2.Time To Think!

We spent some time understanding this masterpiece, so you don't have to. Let us explain what this girl was trying to convey! She apparently seems to have a problem with "feet and inches," standard measurement units of length in both Imperial and US Customary Units measurement systems. It appears that she didn't like the idea of splitting a feet/foot of length into 12 equivalent units. She believes there should only be ten equal parts as opposed to 12, like that of the standard decimal system. Short people look short, anyway! The numbers don't make a difference.

Time To Think!-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

3.That Is A Wicked Idea!

Why would anyone want to fill a balloon with fart and pop it in children's face? That is disgusting. Firstly, how in the world can someone collect fart gas and then pump it into a balloon? That doesn't seem impossible, but it is something tough to do. As the internet never fails to amuse us, few articles and videos show how to collect our farts and seal them in a glass jar! Hey, never try to follow such bizarre tutorials. Pay attention to video and article comments that say something like, "Instructions unclear, bottle cork got stuck in the anus!" 

That Is A Wicked Idea!-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

4.The Shadowlurker's Kid!

We don't often pay attention to the backgrounds of famous memes, but when we do, we are sure to find some interesting things. Here in this picture, the kid in the background looks kind of creepy. His dark and round sunglasses made him look as if he had huge black eyes like Shadowlurker! For us, the kid in the background looks a bit like that Conjuring 2 Nun Valek. We know you aren't here to see demons and stuff, so let's put an end to this creepy post and scroll down to see something funnier! 

The Shadowlurker's Kid!-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

5.This "Wat" Face Swap!

Well, we have seen so many face-swaps, but haven't seen one as bizarre and crazy as this. Apparently, someone swapped a man's face with dolphin and vice versa and made the whole picture too weird to see even for a couple of seconds without feeling awkward. Anyway, not all face-swaps look strange. A lot of them usually look funny, and if you don't trust what we say, just check these hilarious face-swaps! By the way, you don't need to be a professional photo editor to create face-swaps. Tons of mobile apps can do it for you.


6.Logout Failed!

The logout dialog box says, "You need to be logged in to log out. Please login to logout." The message sounds comical, isn't it? It seems that the note popped up when someone tried to log out after the expiration of an active session. Whoever developed that part didn't need to make a dialog box appear with a weird-sounding message. The programmer should have redirected the user to the homepage with a small notice that would tell the user that the session was expired and they would need to login to reaccess the service.

Logout Failed!-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

7.Neck Rings

Tribal women around the world are known for wearing scary and crazy ornaments. They wear freaky things like lip plates, ear discs, foot binders, etc. As an ordinary person living a modern life, we don't even feel comfortable when we see them in real life. This picture is of a Myanmar girl who is seen wearing a neck ring. A neck ring is an ornament that is usually worn by Kayani women of Myanmar. They do that to make their necks look abnormally long. Anthropologists believe that bizarre traditions like these date back to medieval ages when people would look as weird and scary as possible to fend off attacks from the nearby tribal groups. Wat Grandma's neck looks elongated as well! Yep, we noticed that.

Neck Rings-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day



Wat Lady looks little creepy, isn't she? Pope Benedict (the one before Pope Francis) looks a bit creepy too. In fact, a lot of people on the internet say that Benedict looks a lot like Darth Sidious! If you think we are just lying, check the following Benedict's photos! Getting back to the point, when you mash up two creepy people together using a photo editing software, the result will look something like what you have on display here! By the way, hey, do you know some people are scared of Popes, and the fear is actually called papaphobia

Watican!-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

Watican!-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

Watican!-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

9.This Weird Haircut

Barber: What kind of haircut you want?
This guy: Sunflower 
Barber: Say no more!
What a bizarre haircut! It isn't uncommon to see people like him now and then. It baffles our mind that how these hipsters don't give a damn to whatever that is considered normal by an average person. They are weirdos, but certainly, we need to appreciate them for their confidence. 

This Weird Haircut-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day


10.Wat The

This is by far the creepiest picture on this topic, and man, you can't unsee that eerie creature once you see it. Glad, we don't have such alien mutants around, living with us! Yes, it's just the result of an overly-creative Photoshop guy or girl, but that doesn't take away the unsettling quotient of this picture. If weird or unusual things rattle you easily, you better don't look at this picture for too long! The safe bet here is to scroll down and check the next couple of pictures that we assure are hilarious. 

Wat The-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

11.65 Wat! Wat?

What kind of light would the grandma give if you plugged her in a power source?! Wat Grandma is a kind of grumpy person, so don't expect her to shower you the light of happiness! Only two pictures of the grandma exist on the internet, and she doesn't seem to be happy or impressed in both of them. She looks like just that kind of badass granny who would smack your face and feed you with a boatload of delicious food! 

65 Wat! Wat?-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day

12.Angkor Wat!

This is a creative meme. We need to appreciate the meme creator for not only their creative thought but also their photo editing skills. Apparently, one of those Angkor Wat stone statue faces was morphed to look like Wat Grandma. As you may know, Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the world's largest temple complex. Once a famous pilgrimage center for Hindus and Buddhists, Angkor Wat now is just a tourist attraction with ancient ruins.

Angkor Wat!-12 Hilarious Wat Memes That Will Make Your Day


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