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12 Hilarious Plot Twists That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 4:56 pm

Life surprises us all the time. Whether you are a young kid, adult or even old, Our lives are full of twists and turns. Sometimes things are not the way we usually look at. To celebrate those live twists, Here are 12 hilarious plot twists that will definitely make you laugh.
1.Dragon love

Well the princess has certainly been left high and dry here as she has been abandoned by the dragon so he can indulge in some Knight love. Wait a minute, is the knight not supposed to slay him or something?

2.The end of Spiderman

It is a good job that Spiderman was not actually like this because it would have been a very short comic book and movie if that was indeed the case. What could he actually fight against if he just turned into a spider like that? Nothing much apart from an ant or something.

3.Now that would be a twist

If this was indeed true it would be the biggest plot twist in the history of mankind, but it is only a cartoon, so you can relax. However, you were still not expecting it were you?

4.The giveaway

You see when you know about a twist in the plot do make sure that you keep quite about it or else you will ruin the experience for everybody else. Just because you know it does not mean that the rest of the world does and you will save yourself some hassle in the long term.

5.Look closely for the plot

At times you need to look quite closely in order to really see the twist in the plot and sadly this boy just does not have the ability to do that. Look down son...because you are going to get one hell of a surprise.

6.Tragic last words

Well the twist here is that has last words were said before he jumped into the water as we all expected them to be said when he was actually in the process of drowning. Why he then appeared to dive in does appear to be a bit of a mystery.

7.Sad Reality Of Modern World

At first, you think the woman here is in trouble, but when you see the whole comic, you realize how the artist points out the sad reality of modern day emergencies. People don't care about their personal health and well-being but instead, worry about how they look.

Sad Reality Of Modern World-12 Hilarious Plot Twists That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


8.Free, but deadly

Well the last laugh is clearly with this box since it seems to act like some kind of human trap that is just absolutely deadly. Oh well sometimes free is not always going to be the best option.

9.Thrown out of your own home

Imagine doing something as normal as adding something to the punchbowl and people thinking that there is something wrong with that. What is the world coming to when people call it filthy?


10.Well that was unexpected

There is more than just one twist in here since you would not have expected the baby to go all crazy like that and then of course asking for ransom money is something else that you would have been surprised by. Now you wonder if he did get the cash.

11.A different switch

Well we know that you certainly did not envisage that particular switch when you started off at the top, but then that is the entire point. Hey, it is still swapping partners though isn't it?


12.A dangerous twist

Well the last laugh is certainly on the guy on the right when he discovers that a shark has just played the same trick on him as he played on the shark. However, in this setting it is the shark that will always be the victor.


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