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15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 11:03 am

Many things make you cringe hard when you look back into your past, especially the high school days - your clothes, crushes and your obnoxious taste in music! The yearbook, in particular, is something that many of us hate to see. If you are one of those guys and girls who are addicted to taking selfies, compare your cool Instagram photos with your yearbook portrait! If you think the photo looks unattractive, what about your silly yearbook quote? We are sure it makes you cringe even harder. Read 15 such hilarious yearbook quotes now. We really hope you don't end up finding yourself on this list!
4.Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

Master has given Dobby a sock! Master has given Megan a high school diploma; Megan is freeeee! Megan got this quote completely wrong, though. You aren't free Megan. You spent big bucks and time to earn that diploma, which isn't a sock, but an admission ticket to enter the chaotic adult life, which would more or less remind you the chamber of secrets! The adult life - it's a trap! If there were ever a chance to travel back in time, we are afraid there would be no adults left on the planet. Anyways, nice Harry potter reference, though.

Harry Potter Fans Will Understand-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


5.Big Biceps are Importanter

Big biceps are important because you need them to woo ladies when you are at a college. Hugh Vo got that absolutely right. What is good is he even recognized the importance of education along with big biceps. Good going, Mr. Vo.

Big Biceps are Importanter-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


6.The Whole World Already Likes 72% of Him

Now that is one good yearbook quote that has sarcasm written all over it. We strongly believe this guy deserves a ‘yearbook quote of the year’ award. It just takes a minute to write a silly quote, but it takes some time and skills to come up with something like this, which is unique and hilarious.

The Whole World Already Likes 72% of Him-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


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