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15 Yearbook Quotes That Are Way Too Hilarious

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 12:41 pm

Yearbook quotes are a growing trend, and they are becoming an incredibly popular way for seniors to show off their creativity and sense of humor. More and more students are trying to come up with epic yearbook quotes hoping to see them go viral and achieve the internet fame. Here is a good collection of fifteen funny yearbook quotes that went viral. Don't even miss a single picture. You are going to love the quotes for sure!
13.The Naughty Girl

If you read the other guy's quote as well, you will understand that there is a deep correlation between the two quotes. She was talking about looks. He was talking about things we don't have control on... like birth! 

The Naughty Girl-15 Yearbook Quotes That Are Way Too Hilarious

14.Oh Boy, That was too Funny!

This guy must have seen shit in his life or he must be a crazy person and thinks the world deserves a better person than him.

Oh Boy, That was too Funny!-15 Yearbook Quotes That Are Way Too Hilarious

15.This Subtle Yearbook Quote

Someone managed to decode what the guy was trying to say. Well Played Sir, Well played. That was a very clever quote indeed! 

This Subtle Yearbook Quote-15 Yearbook Quotes That Are Way Too Hilarious

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