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15 Yearbook Quotes That Are Way Too Hilarious

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 12:41 pm

Yearbook quotes are a growing trend, and they are becoming an incredibly popular way for seniors to show off their creativity and sense of humor. More and more students are trying to come up with epic yearbook quotes hoping to see them go viral and achieve the internet fame. Here is a good collection of fifteen funny yearbook quotes that went viral. Don't even miss a single picture. You are going to love the quotes for sure!
10.Overly Expecting Asian Fathers

That one quote explains the struggle and pain some Asian kids go through because of their parents' ridiculously high academic and career expectations. 

Overly Expecting Asian Fathers-15 Yearbook Quotes That Are Way Too Hilarious

11.That Was How They Became Friends

It was funny how they ended up next to each other even on the yearbook. This is exactly how you poke fun at each other, even on the sensitive issues, without needing to sound rude!

That Was How They Became Friends-15 Yearbook Quotes That Are Way Too Hilarious

12.She Won it

She gave the perfect response to people who call it oppression. She didn't seem rude but funny. This is how you should wear your attitude people.

She Won it-15 Yearbook Quotes That Are Way Too Hilarious

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