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Hilarious Examples Of False Advertising

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 6:26 pm

1.Just one chocolate chip

In all honesty you could argue that this is not exactly false advertising because the packaging does say chocolate chip and that sounds like it is the singular. You then look at the biscuit itself and yep there is the one chocolate chip, so who is technically in the wrong here?

2.She wishes!

Well that t-shirt is certainly guilty of some false advertising because there is no way that the woman wearing it is anywhere near the woman that is pictured on the outfit. At least with this it is blatant false advertising because you see the real her under it, so maybe this is more a case of wishful thinking?


Well even if you are not a fruit expert there is no doubt that you have spotted that a company here is guilty of some false advertising on their packaging. Strawberries are supposed to be red and are not round like that, so they must be hoping to capture some stupid people here.

4.Personal false advertising

This particular type of false advertising will certainly happen a lot with online dating websites and at times you really do have no idea as to what the person is really going to look like. You have no idea what is actually going on with the first picture, so just be wary of face shots.

5.Well it is windy

This is more a case of unlucky false advertising or naming than anything else. The fact that it has been closed due to high winds and is named wind seeker is certainly ironic because surely you would love high winds when you go on this particular ride?

6.false advertising

The question here is whether or not the company is guilty of false advertising or if the person cooking it was guilty of false cooking skills. The one thing that is absolutely certain is that the thing on the right does not resemble the thing on the left.

7.Just how true is this?

Ok so it is not an actual advert as such for a product, but parents around the world can certainly relate to the happy image that is portrayed when they are just born as well as the rather different image as they get even slightly older.


8.Well it is pepperoni

Technically they are not guilty of false advertising, but we do have other expectations when it comes to buying a pepperoni pizza. The person that made it must have taken it literally as meaning one single piece, but perhaps we are the stupid ones for expecting more than this?

9.Powerful stuff!

This is hilarious because the product really is that good that it is going to make you change not only your body, but also your skin color. How did they think that they would ever get away with this without anybody noticing? Surely somebody had to be fired.


10.Teasing without an offer

This is an example of deliberate false advertising just to get the attention of people as they go by. All they are going to do is to see the part that says about free beer and they will already have made up their mind that they were going to check it out only to discover that it is not exactly true.

11.A nice hearty pizza

This is funny and you have to say that the people behind the poster are guilty of false advertising when their staff do not know what a heart shape is actually like. Instead, they have done some strange almost circular thing with a bit taken out of the top, so heart shaped is certainly not true.


12.Nice burger?

You have to admit that any fast food place is guilty of putting up perfect images when you know that the reality is going to be something completely different. This spoof poster does sum it up perfectly, but it still tastes fine, so perhaps we do not really care after all?


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