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Hilarious Friend Zone Memes

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:25 pm

1.Constant texting

A guy who is in the friendzone will undoubtedly get rather confused at this. She will contact him at all kinds of hours and ask him advice on all kinds of things, but as soon as he tries to move to even first base he is shot down in an instant. He does not think he is lucky in this situation. Picture courtest of

2.A gentleman

Yep when you are just a friend you need to do all kinds of things, but the problem is that only further cements that particular part of your relationship. You try so hard to get her to like you a different way, but she only admires you for stopping puke getting into her hair.


Ok so this is a teasing one, but it lets you see how guys can get annoyed at things when they are put into the friendzone. You just know that he is not interested in the hard drive unless he starts to use it as a euphemism for something else.

4.Hard work

This is so true because a lot of work can be put into trying to get into something serious that to then end up being put into this zone is crushing for a guy. It does not matter how big or strong you are just being told you are a great friend can instantly make your peepee shrink.


The best part about this meme is the actual picture because without it the words themselves would just not quite work the same. It does give you a sense of the frustration that is felt by the guy in the friendzone and girls just do not understand how it can hit a guy that he is just friends.


Just ignore the fact that you will recognize this picture because the meme itself is seriously funny. You cannot help but read this out loud in a serious and deep voice and you just feel as if he would indeed get benefits that are not normally bestowed on somebody in the friendzone.

7.Mega best friends?

With this you can just feel the frustration of the guy seeping through at the fact that all he has managed to do is move from friends to mega best friends, whatever that actually means. The chances of this conversation just ending right here are also pretty high, but would you blame him?


8.Quite honest

This is funny because it is also very true when you stop and think about it. The best part is thinking of somebody putting money into a machine and just waiting there patiently for some sex to appear, but boy are they going to be disappointed.

9.Makeup helper

Where do you even begin with this? You really do have to be in the friendzone to consider even doing this and in all honesty saying it is over level 9000 does not even do it justice. You just know that he will sit there quite content with it all until she is finished, so he really is in the friend one.


10.Fed up

If anybody tries to argue that guys love being in the friend zone, then look at this guy here. There is no way that he is standing there thoroughly enjoying himself, but the best part is that he just does not care and cannot hide his disappointment any longer.

11.Better than nothing

You just know that this guy is sitting there thinking all kind of things about her, but she is just watching a movie and there are no thought processes going through her head. She is quite content, but he hates just being friends.



The funniest thing about this is that she is just using him as a chair while in the middle of the road and trying to get a cab. You just get the feeling that the guy is sad as he was thinking she would be sitting elsewhere and not on his back.


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