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Hilarious Sports Faces

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 8:25 am

1.Focus on that ball

We all know that baseball requires so much concentration, but is it wise to try to get your eyes to extend out of your head to see the ball a bit earlier? Why do we look so mad when we are trying to concentrate on something?

2.I hate water!!!!

Either this diver has realized he hates water, or it has freaked him out that he has managed to get his legs so high up in front of him and that they are now stuck like that. If that happened to you, then surely you would be scared as well.

3.You look scared

This ice skater looks as if he is petrified, but petrified over what? Has he suddenly realized that he actually has a phobia about ice, but that it is too late to do anything about it?

4.Get that tongue back in

What is it about us humans that leads us to believe that sticking our tongue out will result in us being able to do something a bit better? Does it give him superhuman strength and the shot putt will soar through the air? Probably not.

5.The jaw approach

Well this guy is certainly doing things a bit differently in that he is trying to prepare his jaw for hitting the ball if he is unable to get his bat on it. From this angle it does also look as if his jaw would be bigger, so there is less chance of him missing it.

6.Lost eyes

It is quite clear that this guy has sadly lost his eyes and they have been replaced with a round pipe for a mouth. You try to pull a face like this and see how you get on because it must take years of training.

7.The leprechaun look

This entire facial expression makes them look a bit like a leprechaun and as we all know they wear green and not orange. What are they trying to achieve with a face like this?


8.The judges won't like that

You would imagine that the judges would mark her down for pulling a face like this, unless she has decided to do some strange troll like face as part of her routine. Once again the tongue has made a special guest appearance.

9.Has he been hit by it?

This guy does not look like he is throwing the shot putt, but instead it looks like he has been hit in the face with one such is the twisted look. How does he even manage to get his face into that position?


10.Focus on that ball

Are those eyes about to pop out of her head? It certainly looks that way such is the concentration on her face and what is it with the teeth?

11.Get that tongue out

Well we are all guilty of doing this at some point because how common is it to stick your tongue out when you are concentrating? However, few of us do it in front of an audience like this.


12.What is going on?

Clearly diving involves battling against the forces of gravity in order to get all of the twists and turns in that you want. However, this clearly leads to some strange faces as you can see here.


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