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12 Funny "Kid Who Needs To Fart" Memes

Friday, Sep 25, 2020, 2:00 pm

As a meme buff, you may have seen the "kid who needs to fart" or "must not fart" memes numerous times. The meme shows a boy with puffy veins on his face, giving us an impression that he is trying very hard to hold in a fart. The name of the kid in the meme is Michael McGee, and this particular picture was taken by one his friends who wanted to post that on Twitter as a joke. Nearly two months after posting it on Twitter, the picture went viral! People then began using it to make hilarious memes. Here are 12 "Kid Who Needs to Fart" memes that are hilarious.  
10.When You Are The US And You Didn't Have A War In 5 Minutes!

The United States of the America hasn't really stopped waging wars since its birth in 1776! Currently, the United States is busy fighting ISIS terrorists in Syria. The US still has its presence in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. Let's not forget the role it played in dethroning dictators like Muammar Gaddafi in Libya! The US should stop policing the world and should work more on correcting its internal problems, says most of its citizens!

When You Are The US And You Didn't Have A War In 5 Minutes! -12 Funny "Kid Who Needs To Fart" Memes

11.When You Own A Pit Bull And Haven't Told Anybody In 5 Minutes!

The world is clearly divided into two groups when it comes to the pit bull thing. One group argues that pit bulls are very dangerous, while the other advocate that the pit bulls are just like any other dog breed. To put an end to the never-ending debate, pit bulls are dangerous and indeed a threat to people, but only when raised by an ignorant, foolish, or stupid owner. Pit bulls aren't for everyone; unless one thinks they can handle them well, they should never get one home. 

When You Own A Pit Bull And Haven't Told Anybody In 5 Minutes!-12 Funny "Kid Who Needs To Fart" Memes

12.This Hilarious Post About DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled shares an ocean of motivational quotes on his social media profiles, and he does so because he wants to inspire people around him. DJ Khaled is one of the famous names in the music industry right now, but a couple of decades back, he was nothing but an ordinary employee at a recording studio. His journey from a normal person to a celebrity is highly inspiring! His quotes are inspirational, and they are worth reading, especially if you love reading quotes.

This Hilarious Post About DJ Khaled-12 Funny "Kid Who Needs To Fart" Memes

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