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9 Miley Cyrus Comparisons That Will Make You Laugh

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 11:30 am

Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous and talented singers in the world right now. She sings superbly, and no one has doubt on her talent or skills. However, the "Bangerz" singer has become a kind of oddball ever since Disney's Hannah Montana was completed in 2011. Most of her recent performances are heavily sexualized. Miley Cyrus's outfits and fashion preferences are weird too. Despite putting her trashy behavior on display frequently, the eccentric pop star's popularity hasn't really come down in recent times! Check these nine Miley Cyrus "Who Wore it Best" comparisons that make you laugh out loud.
1.Miley Cyrus Vs Baby With Diapers

The baby obviously wore it better. Diapers are for babies, and no adult should wear them unless there is an illness-induced requirement. As you may know, Miley Cyrus has a kind of obsession for diapers. She first wore a diaper for a music video, "We Can't Stop." She couldn't stop! She continued wearing diapers thereafter. She even performed on stage wearing diapers. Miley Cyrus has recently appeared in the music video, BB Talk, pretending to be a baby with diaper. Read more about Miley Cyrus's diaper fixation here. 

2.Miley Cyrus vs baby punk

Miley seems to be liking the punk look a lot lately. Here she rocked a punk look but she could not compete with this baby rockin' a punk look, with this effortless and awesome hairstyle. What do you say guys, who looks the most awesome?

3.Miley Cyrus vs baby girl

At the recent MTV Video Music Awards, Miley wore a crazy outfit, for which she was criticized a lot - with those nasty clothes and hair tails. Hey look, we found something way more awesome than that! The baby in the pic is just too awesome compared to her. Now this is what you call hair tails.

4.Miley Cyrus vs the baby with glasses

Miley keeps rockin weird outfits and ends up looking stupid. Here we have this pic of her with glasses. Isn't she looking great? Well, not as great as that little baby, she just cannot compete with the awesomeness of this baby.

5.Miley Cyrus vs the pole doggy

Remember when Miley did that solo pole dance when she was just 16. Well, I just came across this pup doing his thing. Really, is she looking better than this pup? I don't think so! This pup is just too awesome compared to her on that pole.

6.Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber?

OMG!! I didn't know this day would ever come comparing Miley with Justin Bieber. Lol, the teen icons have been on a wild ride lately and both have ended up a bad example. What else can I say, Justin is looking better than her here. Sorry Miley but those swag caps suit Justin better than you!

7.Miley Cyrus or Sheldon Cooper?

I actually never thought of comparing the great Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper with Miley, but the dress that she wore here kind of reminded me of "The Doppler Effect" sported by Sheldon Cooper from TBBT. No offense Miley, but Sheldon is way more awesome in this outfit. Hey guys, who do you think wore it best?


8.Miley Cyrus vs Einstein

When I first saw this pic of Miley, I thought for a few seconds that I have seen something similar to this before, and then, this pic of Einstein struck my mind. Oh boy! I must say they both look quite similar but then again I have to say Einstein did it best. He still looks charming and sensible with his tongue out.

9.Miley Cyrus Or Jim Carrey?

Miley Cyrus performed with this outrageous outfit at the 2013 VMAs. People immediately started making fun of the dress, comparing her thigh gap to chicken butt! The gestures she was making with her tongue out of her mouth grabbed the whole nation's attention. Clearly, she was not the Miley people knew a few years back. Coming back to the topic, who in the two wore the outfit better? Miley Cyrus or Jim Carrey? We think Jim looks much better than Miley. He nailed it!



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