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15 Random And Amazing Facts About Disney

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017, 11:22 am

Disney is an American multinational mass media and entertainment company that was first started in 1923 as an animation studio by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney. The company soon became the most famous cartoon and animation company in the United States. A couple of decades later, Disney has built the iconic Disneyland theme park, which is dubbed as the happiest place on the planet! The $75 billion worth company makes movies, TV shows, and runs theme parks. Most of us have followed Disney shows and movies in the past. We love them! If you are a Disney fan, you got to read these fifteen random and surprising facts about Disney movies, shows, theme parks, and pretty much everything Disney owns and operates! 

#15 Prince Charming

The prince who comes to the rescue of Cinderella in the classic is usually referred to as "Prince Charming," but he never gives his name in the original movie, which means our lovely damsel rushes off with a man whose name she simply doesn't know. Let's hope they get better acquainted on their honeymoon.

Prince Charming-15 Random And Amazing Facts About Disney



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