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Most Amazing Things Ever Found In Abandoned Luggage

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:27 am

1.Naval guidance system

This is perhaps one of the scariest things to be left behind because you just automatically think of the Navy wandering around trying to remember where they left that darn guidance system. They will be looking behind everything and quizzing people when all of the time it was at abandoned luggage.

2.Canadian goose

Well when this was left behind you just knew that it was special to someone for them to travel with it, but at the same time not special enough for them to remember that they had it in the first place. Poor goose.

3.False leg

There have been numerous false limbs left behind at abandoned luggage and you just hope that it is a spare one that they have lost or they are in a whole lot of trouble. Imagine leaving and wondering why you are hopping everywhere rather than walking to just discover you have forgot one of your legs?

4.50 vacuum packed frogs

Ah yes everybody travels around with some vacuum packed frogs on them don't they? You can see why it caused a bit of a stir at the abandoned luggage office because you can guarantee that they had not seen this one before.

5.Live rattlesnake

This is a lot worse than leaving behind a dead rattlesnake and imagine the surprise that the people at the lost luggage would have got when they discovered what was in there. Yet again you do wonder as to why they were traveling around with this in the first place.

6.300 tortoises

Well clearly forgetting one tortoise is acceptable, but 300 of them? This has to be a very careless person and why were they traveling with so many? Do they have some strange tortoise fetish?

7.Five pounds of cocaine

Well at one level you can understand why this was abandoned because maybe something went wrong with the deal and they were arrested? However, imagine the trouble they would be in if they just forgot to pick it up because now there is somebody wanting their money without having any drugs.


8.Hoggle from "Labyrinth"

How could anybody leave a puppet from a movie behind at abandoned luggage? Surely this is the kind of thing where you would instantly miss it and go hunting for it?

9.Suit of armor

How far away from the luggage rack do you have to be before you discover that you have left behind your suit of armor? Maybe we should even ask why you are traveling around with it in the first place? Are you planning on going to some scary areas?


10.$1 million

Now you have to either be very stupid or very, very rich to the extent that you could not miss $1 million because those are the only ways that you can explain this happening. It just does not make sense that somebody could leave that amount of cash behind.

11.13th century bronze

Oh yes I hardly carry a 13th century bronze around with me all of the time so it is easy to see how I could forget that I had it on me. Yeah right, it is big and it is heavy, so there is really no excuse for your absentmindedness.


12.5.8 carat diamond

This is the kind of thing where you find yourself wondering what the hell is going on because how could anybody lose a diamond at abandoned luggage? Surely you would realize that you had left it behind considering how expensive it is?


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