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Most Bizarre Children's Books

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 12:54 pm

1.Black Like Kyra, White Like Me

This book is all about racism and while you should applaud them for trying to cover this sensitive subject it is still a tough thing to do. Kids can easily mis-interpret certain things and in all honesty this book is probably a bit too heavy for most children.

2.What's Going On Down There?

This is a mixture of educational, funny, strange, and a whole host of other things that will intrigue and make you laugh. Boys are always fascinated with what is going on down there and this book is designed to help answer those questions that they have and in the process make sure that you are not asked them.

3.The Un-Wedding

This actually shows what the modern world is like because this book is all about divorce. This is a tough subject and it is certainly as far removed from the world of fairy tales as you are ever likely to find, but it was published, so they must have felt there was a market.

4.Mannekin Pis

Just from the book cover you know that this is going to be a strange story and indeed it is. Basically a boy cant find his parents, he goes to the town hall, there is a fight, so he pees on them and everything is happy again. Yes it is that strange.

5.And Tango Makes Three

Well this is a book that you would have certainly never thought about reading as it is all about two gay penguins. Yes you read that right, two gay penguins. What do you mean that sounds strange? Surely everybody has sat and thought about this scene before?

6.The House That Crack Built

Obviously this book is all about drugs and the perils associated with taking them. It is a bit surreal seeing it covered in a book for kids, but then some would argue that the earlier they learn about it the better it is for their health.

7.I Wish My Daddy Didn't Drink So Much

This sounds more like a plea for help rather than a story for a kids book because of course if your daddy is drinking like a fish you would love him to stop. It is certainly quite a touchy subject to try to cover for a kids book and perhaps it is a bit too heavy for them?


8.Hair in Funny Places

A kids book about puberty. It is perhaps clear to see why this has not made it to the top of the bestsellers list because it is a strange subject to try to cover in a book even though the author does make a good effort at doing so.

9.Where Willy Went

As you can see from the cover this is a book all about a sperm and of course the first question you will be asked as a parent is what a sperm actually is. This is supposed to just be a fun little book, but it will certainly get their little minds working overtime and is that actually a good thing?


10.Standing Up

Yes this is a story all about a little boy when he is trying to learn how to pee standing up. You wonder about the author though because at what point do you get this as your eureka moment for a book for children?

11.The Long Journey of Mister Poop

This book is actually educational because it does teach your kids about where poop comes from and of course that is a question that they will end up asking you at some point. At least this way it saves you from trying to explain it in an easy to understand manner.


12.Judy Moody and the Poop Picnic

Go on admit it, this is one heck of a strange title for a book. The idea of a poop picnic has to be gross even to kids that feel they can stomach anything, but in actual fact it is a fun book for them to read and one they will enjoy.


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