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Most Ridiculous Cartoon Censorship

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 8:30 am

1.Change the sex

Censors had a bit of a hand in the development of Wonder Woman as they wanted her to really boost the idea of heterosexuality. They gave a lot of recommendations as to what she should be like and to make her sexy just to make sure that guys would realize that they should actually like women.

2.Black boy

The censors got to work on a Bugs Bunny cartoon because one of the main characters in an episode was black. They objected to some of the ways in which they were being portrayed and while it did help stop it from being too racist it was in the 40s when attitudes were different.

3.No spitting

If you have a cartoon that is based in the Wild West, then surely spitting is part of it? Not if you are a censor because they decided that you had to do away with that particular tradition and they would have to do something nice instead. It did result in them having to change a number of characters to help try prevent kids from doing something that they would be doing anyway.

4.No feminine men

We live in an age where there are a number of quite camp men in the public eye, but that was just not allowed decades ago in cartoons. Instead, any man had to be masculine and there could be no hint of them being effeminate at all or the cartoon would be pulled.

5.No Raspberries

At one point even if a cartoon was all about a naughty boy the censors decided that he was not allowed to stick his tongue out and blow a raspberry. This was just seen as being so wrong and kids would try to follow their lead and copy it.

6.Watch the lines

At times they would try to censor the drawings of female characters in order to make then less feminine. This led to skirts being redrawn and tops being altered to really cover everything just in case it got too much for boys.

7.No kissing

Yep as you can see here Porky Pig is holding another pig, but if they were kissing, then that was too much for the censors. Instead, they made them change the cartoon so they were just holding hands because clearly kissing pigs would be just a bit too much for the average kids.


8.Nude animals

In the mid 20th century you could have basically anything in cartoons. They could be sexist, racist, violent, but at one point they tried to censor anything that showed a nude cartoon animal. That is why you see cartoons where a cow has pants on and other crazy things.


In the 50's there was a comic called Judgement Day and they tried to censor it in order to remove a character who was black even though the story itself looked at racism. That just makes your head spin around when trying to make sense of it all because how does that work?


10.Donald Duck & hair tonic

In what has to be a strange example of censorship, Donald Duck was censored for trying to sell hair tonic. What made this stupid was that he was allowed to build a nuclear bomb without any problems, so why did they not censor the dangerous thing?


In the 90's the cartoon version of Spiderman had a problem. He was able to do anything he wanted in order to beat his enemies, but he was not allowed to punch anybody. This would result in some rather strange rolling around on the ground, but no punches.


12.Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

In the UK, this was the name for the Ninja Turtles because they felt that the word ninja could not be used. They also removed a few weapons and changed them for things that actually turned out to be even scarier than the originals, so perhaps this censorship did not work out too well.


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