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15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 4:26 pm

Sometimes, parties go out of control. The last house party I was in, I saw a drunk dude put a firecracker in his butt crack and ask his friend to light it up. Unsurprisingly, the other inebriated guy obliged the request! BAMM! The explosion caused a nearby standing man to twitch and drop his wineglass. Not knowing what was happening around, a stoned guy ran out of the room stepping on the sharp pieces of glass, thinking an officer might have raided the house. We had to rush at least two guys to the nearby hospital, and well, I have never been to a house party ever again! Read 15 such funny, bizarre, and crazy drunk stories, as shared by people.
13.This Very Awkward Moment

She fell asleep on a toilet while she was at a friend's house, somehow got home, got naked, and got into bed. Unfortunately, she got into her mom's bed instead of her own.
- amberbramber

This Very Awkward Moment-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

14.Things That Happen At Backstage

At a frat party during my freshman year of college, two friends and I went to the bathroom together drunkenly, as girls usually do. Anyway, as I'm leaning on the lockless door to keep it closed, one of my friends is peeing, while the other opens the medicine cabinet and starts digging around. Then she pulls out a razor and walks over to the bathtub, (which is filled with ice, housing the extra keg), sits on the keg and proceeds to shave her vagina, announcing that she is going to fuck the president of the frat... To anyone wondering, she did. And some poor (or lucky, if you look at it that way) boy had lady pubes in his razor. Also sorry to anyone doing a kegstand that night. 
- iaskedalice

Things That Happen At Backstage-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

15.And This Cum Slap!

First week of college my buddy was having drunk sex with this random freshman girl he met at a party and ended up finishing on her stomach (pretty standard procedure IMO). I guess she's never had a guy do that before so she wiped the semen off her chest and stomach with her hand and slapped my friend across the face with his own jizz and told him to leave. He only told me and a couple of our friends and told us to never speak about it again because a week after he met the girl he's been dating ever since. Oh yeah NSFW by the way.
- DeltaTauReddit

And This Cum Slap!-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

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