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15 People Who Have No Idea How Things Work

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 7:13 am

We see a lot of dumb kids in school, but hey, what happens to them when they grow up? Do you think they grow out of their ignorance? We don't believe so. Look at these 15 pictures that show grown-up people being dumb and clueless! They have no idea what they are talking about or doing. They don't know how stuff works. Hey, some folks on the topic are so stupid that you'll feel like punching them in their face right away! Being dumb is a psychological problem, and the primary trait of the condition is one's inability to look beyond what they believe in and grab opportunities to learn new things.
13.Framed Picture of Ceiling Fan

That was actually a mirror and the guy there just got confused. That mirror does look like it was some kind of photo frame. Of course, you can have a ceiling fan picture in photo frame. It all comes down to art in the end. If you ever visit an art exhibition, you will agree that the idea of ceiling photo frame will not be that bad.

Framed Picture of Ceiling Fan-15 People Who Have No Idea How Things Work

14.Taking a 'Selfeye'?

No, not at all! Going by the picture, it clearly looks like she doesn't know how to use a camera. She had her finger on shutter button, which suggests us that she was about to a take a photograph. Imagine the pain when the camera flash strikes eye.

Taking a 'Selfeye'?-15 People Who Have No Idea How Things Work

15.That's Not How You Wear a Helmet

Well, well, well... that lady found out another way to put a helmet on head. Anyway, that is definitely not the right way to use a bike helmet. This girl, as you can see from the picture, wore a helmet on head in reverse direction. The helmet may still protect her head, but not her image on social media!

That's Not How You Wear a Helmet-15 People Who Have No Idea How Things Work

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