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15 People Who Have No Idea How Things Work

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 7:13 am

We see a lot of dumb kids in school, but hey, what happens to them when they grow up? Do you think they grow out of their ignorance? We don't believe so. Look at these 15 pictures that show grown-up people being dumb and clueless! They have no idea what they are talking about or doing. They don't know how stuff works. Hey, some folks on the topic are so stupid that you'll feel like punching them in their face right away! Being dumb is a psychological problem, and the primary trait of the condition is one's inability to look beyond what they believe in and grab opportunities to learn new things.
10.This Person Who Doesn't Know How World Works

It is true that there are a good number of people who doesn't know how countries, states, government, politics etc work. We have one person here who wants America to make China as its 51st state, because he hates Panda Express! Is he dumb or does he strongly think US is capable enough to make that happen?

This Person Who Doesn't Know How World Works-15 People Who Have No Idea How Things Work

11.That's Not How You Clean Viruses in Laptop

Grandma, is that you?
First - RIP laptop. That laptop doesn't really look it's one of the pricey waterproof laptops. This is another picture that shows a person who has no idea on what he or she was doing. This way you can clean your laptop, as well as data inside it. If you haven't seen someone washing their laptop under tap before, this picture is for you.

That's Not How You Clean Viruses in Laptop-15 People Who Have No Idea How Things Work

12.This Wannabe Gamer

Apparently, the person who bought this Xbox 360 controller was trying to return the product because it will not connect to PS3. Of course, it will not connect to PS3, because it was meant for Xbox 360. There are some adapters available in market that let you connect your Xbox controller to PS3. However, they are not cheap than an original PS3 controller. Gamers, what's your take on this guy?

This Wannabe Gamer-15 People Who Have No Idea How Things Work

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