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12 Photos That Show Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces

Sunday, May 24, 2020, 11:19 am

The title may sound shocking, but it really is what it means! We live in a world where some ugly girls morph their photos and put them on their dating or social media profile pages. Even the cute girls take about one hundred selfies to pick one as the display picture. Why would a pretty girl purposely take ugly photos of her? There is a story behind this. Some time back, a Reddit user created a page called "Pretty Girls. Ugly Faces" and asked girls to post a selfie, making an ugly face. A lot of girls responded to the request by posting their ugly face pictures! Here are the 12 best entries.
1.The look of envy

The face on the right makes her look as if she has seen her favorite ice cream and she just cannot wait to get into the tub. It has that look about it better get out of my way or I will toss you aside like a rag doll, and that is not something you want to get involved in.

2.She has aged

One of the things that will strike you about this image his how much she has aged in the photograph because she has gone from being about 20 to 75 in one easy move. It is actually quite a scary photo never mind being an ugly one.

3.Even stars do it

Yes this is Beyonce and it just shows that even gorgeous superstars can still be capable of pulling a fantastic looking face. She must cringe every single time she sees this because it has to be the worst picture of her that has ever been taken.

4.Has somebody farted?

By the look of the picture on the right somebody in the room must have farted and it smells of rotten eggs. There is no other way that a face can end up looking like that because we have all pulled it when required to do so.

5.Sweet to....

The girl here seems to have messed her hair up, removed the make up, and then takes a photograph of herself when she is constipated by the look of her face. That is not the kind of look you would want and instead you would be wishing that she reverted back to the old one.

6.It's all about angles

What this picture shows is that it really is all about the angles because there is no other way that this girl could produce this picture without the use of mirrors. She seems to suddenly have 14 chins there and lets be honest she is now a completely different girl.

7.Did she hit something?

The face on the right makes her look as if she has kicked something or hit her thumb with a hammer because surely that is the only way you can actually make that face. There is no chance that you can plan on doing that face and do it so well without any help whatsoever.


8.What about the chin?

With this photo she not only changes her face, but she also manages to do it in a way where she appears to quadruple her weight. That is some achievement, but lets be honest here we all prefer the one on the left.

9.Crazy eyes

With this picture she appears to be looking at the cat with loving eyes on the left, but they then turn into eyes where you feel as if she is eyeing it up to eat it or something. You half expect her to be ready to take a bite out at any moment.


10.Is this possible?

Is it even possible for the cute girl on the left to turn into this thing on the right? Surely it has been photoshopped in some way because it is the only logical explanation for it all.

11.The scruncher

This girl can only be described as being a scruncher because how else could you even begin to talk about it without thinking of the way her face has got shorter and fatter? It really is not a good look at all and one that should be kept away from children.

12.Big eyes

Well how freaky is this picture? She goes from a gorgeous woman to something that would be turned down for Halloween for simply being too scary and that in itself is rather impressive. It's the way her mouth and eyes change so dramatically that really makes this picture.


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